Loglines & Screenplays by Trai Cartwright

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Curious Ways

GENRES: Action

A ragtag group of students from a Witches Academy to try convince the original outcast witch to help them pass their graduation ritual only to discover a conspiracy that has pulled the darkest of magics into the human realm.


GENRES: Action

A washed-up, all-female CIA spy unit is dragged out of retirement called when their Cold War nemesis reappears on the global threat list with a dirty bomb and a desire for revenge.

Burning Sky

GENRES: Action

A hugely destructive solar storm digs up a pyramid on the moon, and a team of astronauts, Egyptologists and marines races to discover its origins before the next, possibly extinction-level storm. Semifinalist, Nicholls Fellowship, 2005.

  • Screenplay optioned by producers Peter Saphier & Olivier Sarda.


GENRES: Horror

One by one, students snowed in at an isolated mountain college mysteriously die. Their only means of survival -- discover the mystery hidden within the walls of their gothic dorm.


GENRES: Comedy

The rejected lovers of a legendary ladies' man decide to get their revenge by pretending to fall in love...with each other.

  • Screenplay optioned by Producer / Manager Agatha Dominik.
  • Screenplay optioned by producers Peter Saphier & Olivier Sarda.



A teenager and his split personality bust out of a mental institute and hit the road in search of their mother.

  • Screenplay optioned by Prelude Pictures.

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