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By Jared Aisen

GENRE: Action, Thriller

A young man creates an organization to aid a dying country.


The United States is dying. After learning that Congress was again unable to come up with a budget, President Thompson is extremely nervous about the Senate and House, as well as both parties, being able to work together and is desperate for a solution. Meanwhile, Georgetown University graduate and future law student, Jared Erickson, meets with his parents shortly after finishing classes to go on a family trip to Europe. Their trip is cut short after a terrorist attack in the airport, which kills Jared’s father; however, before he dies, Mr. Erickson manages to deliver some final words of encouragement about Jared’s future. Jared puts law school on hold to work to help his mother.

Several months later, Jared, who’s been working in a warehouse, suddenly loses his job. After watching a news broadcast, about cities erupting in violent riots against the government, Jared decides to take action and forms G.A.M.A- the Government Accountability & Management Agency-an organization tasked with guiding the government back to effective governing. Despite protests from his fiancé, Christina, Jared works with his friend, Jordan Greene, on spreading the word. Their activity attracts the attention of President Thompson, who agrees to work with them within the confines of Constitutional law, as well as potential candidates to fill important positions within the Hierarchy. As the Hierarchy moves forward with their agenda to help Congress unite and establish a budget, Senator Eric Ratchet, a politician who sees the government as no longer able to govern, sees them as a threat to his own plans and partners with the Madame Vice-President to get rid of them. After a failing to persuade the President following a disastrous dinner party, Senator Ratchet decides on another course of action- have Madame Vice-President Peterson take President Thompson’s place.

While Jared takes a leave of absence to take care of wedding matters with Christine, Jordan and Amanda, the new Hierarchy member, present a new budget to President Thompson, along with a warning that unless certain things change financially with the government, the country will be facing bankruptcy in a short time. President Thompson promises to present the new budget proposals to Congress for a vote before he leaves town. During President Thompson's absence from Washington, Congress rejects the new budget proposals.

President Thompson's and Jared's absences prompt Senator Ratchet to make his move. He convinces Madame Vice-President Peterson to confront President Thompson again about disbanding the Hierarchy. When President Thompson again refuses, other members of the administration join with her to oust the President. She then immediately issues the order to disband the Hierarchy, who are unaware of the turn of events. When they reach out to Jared, he breaks off his engagement to Christine and heads home. The Hierarchy learns about the Vice-President's ascension and launches an assault on the White House. On his way to meeting the Speaker of the House, Jared discovers something else disturbing- Senator Ratchet was forming a coalition of states to secede from the union. He shares his findings with the Madame Speaker. A later visit to the Madame-Vice President prompts the Madame Speaker to get the FBI involved. Jared takes a more forceful stand and establishes terms that G.A.M.A. makes the arrests or Jared will disband the program and leave the federal government to face a possible national uprising. Deciding that working with the Hierarchy would be the lesser of the two evils, the Madame Speaker agrees and issues arrest warrants for G.A.M.A. to carry out for those responsible for overthrowing President Thompson.

Later, the Hierarchy is standing in front of their national headquarters as a pair of scissors cuts the red tape, thus establishing their long-term presence in Washington D.C.

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