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By Robert Rosenbaum

GENRE: Comedy, Drama

After losing her job and her boyfriend, a busy ad exec impulsively moves into a run-down farm outside the city where she is challenged to build a new life on her own terms.


Jennifer Walker (30s), is a dedicated marketing director in a committed relationship. She is working her way to the top of her firm. To her surprise, her firm brings in a new executive from a rival company to head a campaign she created. Discouraged, she leaves town to visit her best friend, only to discover her friend is having an affair with her boyfriend.

Driving through a stormy night, Jennifer gets stranded at an old farm house. She spends the night andhe awakes to a beautiful morning in the peaceful countryside. She asks the owners if she could rent the place for the summer, agreeing to help fix it up in exchange for rent.

A city woman alone on a farm is a novelty for the locals. One particular farmhand makes himself very helpful, hoping for favors in return. She is not interested in a new romance. However, she does become interested in a group of neglected horses. She knows nothing about taking care of horses, and is afraid of them due to being thrown as a child, but she feels she needs to help the skinny, unmanaged animals. She discovers the owner is an old woman. The horses belonged to her husband who died. Jennifer offers to lend a hand. The local sheriff, who is also a natural horse trainer agrees to help train both Jennifer and the horses. When the old woman gets sick, Jennifer moves the horses to her farm.

Jennifer and the sheriff/trainer work closely together to rehabilitate the horses and to help Jennifer over her fears. The local farmhand, who fancied her, gets jealous of the relationship between Jennifer and the trainer. In a drunken fit, he steals the horses. Jennifer chases him down in her car. When he is thrown from the horse, she ditches her car and must get on the horse in order to save the life of the errant farmhand.

Jennifer now has the strength and courage to build a new life, where she is in control of her future.

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