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By Michael Hager

GENRE: Animation, Comedy

A dot-com nerd goes on the adventure of a lifetime when he teams up with a mouse Jane Bond to stop the Rat Mob before they sell off mouse-napped babies to an evil scientist’s lab.


WALLY WRODENT, a brilliant and idealistic mouse/computer nerd, leads a double life: by day he's a dot com entrepreneur (, delivering cheese to the discerning and impatient mouse. By night, however, Wally and his fellow nerds expose wrongdoing from his keyboard to help their fellow mice in peril. Yet, when Wally's group of well-meaning nerds, or Anony-Mouse, hacks into the dreaded mob Rats Inc., Anony-Mouse becomes a target of the rat mob.

Rats Inc. are controlled by mysterious psychologist DR. DEGENERATE, a man renown for inventions as well as running quite rude social experiments on mice. Wally and his fellow hackers shut down all their hacking operations and scurry underground where they meet super-secret Mouse-Interpol agent, BONNIE TAILS.

Agent Tails, a trench-coat wearing Jane Bond, loves her gadgets and secrecy and is a confident law enforcement professional; yet at the same time, she can't succeed with her mission: find two dozen mouse-napped babies without Wally's computer expertise.

First, they must learn to trust each other. Bonnie is a mouse accustomed to doing things her way, while Wally needs his ridiculous - yet helpful - friends around him. Wally receives an anonymous call from inside the smuggling ring.

Bonnie takes Wally to secret agent training school; she brings him into territory this home-mouse never thought he'd enter: working with cats and using secret Jane Bond high tech gadgetry). Wally embraces his new secret life: along with Bonnie he becomes a Ninja Mouse.

These Ninja Mice will surreptitiously rescue the baby mice in time as the rat lair detonates behind them. The ninjas confront Dr. Degenerate, with his starchy lab coat. He hates cute babies because his mommy never allowed him to have a pet when he was just a small degenerate. Dr. Degenerate puts the baby mice in danger and admits to a plan to make SuperMice, which sounds intriguing with their tiny capes, but he does not have permission from the babies' parents to make them superheroes.

This quite evil doctor attempts to spring a hundred mouse traps on the Wally and Bonnie; however, the two ninjas are too acrobatic to land on any of the hundreds of mouse traps he's laid out. Instead, Dr. Degenerate loses his balance and falls on a trap, rolls on to another, and another.

After their high-wire and explosive success saving the baby mice and with the arrest of the rats and Dr. Degenerate, Wally and Bonnie both figure teaming up as Ninja Mice might be the funnest thing they've ever done and perhaps they might do it again sometime.


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