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Dylan Alexander

Actor, Author, Director, Editor, Music Composer, Producer, Producer of Marketing & Distribution and Screenwriter

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About Dylan

You know, a lot of people basically make their bio into their resume. I'll go over that very briefly, but then I have a more pressing issue, an important message:

I was born a storyteller. I gravitated towards writing first because that doesn't require a budget of any sort. I was six when I wrote my first book. Didn't publish it or anything, but it's a cute story (a little cringe-worthy actually) that I'll never forget.

Next, I turned a book report of mine into a short novel, started my own publishing company since I didn't want to work meddled with, and used self-publishing tools to print copies of the book.

Then I did it again...

...and again...

...and again.

By sixteen I had done four of those.

I have a fifth in the works but it hasn't been published yet.

In a few years, I joined an online science fiction and fantasy magazine called Sci-Fi Bloggers. In two months, I became the Editor-in-Chief of the site. I now how a number of talented writers working under me.

What's the latest? I am currently producing a documentary miniseries on a high school football team. Several episodes of it have premiered at AMC Theaters. It will be on national television soon (I want to take it to some film festivals first). It has received rave reviews (no I'm not just talking one or two, I'm saying that we had an audience of over a hundred people and not a dry eye in the house). It will do well.

On that project, I shot it and was effectively the director. I then edited it, having never edited anything really worth mentioning (I'd done some simple work on a talk show before). My younger brother and I composed all the music, with vocalists and drummers joining the party voluntarily because of how much they loved the project.

With all that said, I now leave you with my important message:


noun /ˈstôrē/ 

"A series of events with a beginning, a middle and an end, wherein conflicts and controversies arise between different characters and/or entities, which are ultimately resolved in some manner or another by the end."

Stories are important. Stories feed the mind and inspire the heart. They lift the spirit and challenge the imagination. They have the ability to predict what the future will be, and have the power to reveal the past in a light unseen before. Stories take people to worlds they thought never existed, worlds they thought couldn’t exist. But they can, and they do. Stories make them a reality. Stories make them into truth. Don’t underestimate them (don’t tell me you haven’t before, we all have, even me). They are, collectively, the gateway to utopias, dystopias, kingdoms, planets and universes unlike anything on Earth—or, in some cases, all too much like Earth. Stories can wake people up from their brainwashed states and get them active in the world, doing things they wouldn’t have had they not heard or read or seen them. Stories can save lives.


Unique traits: I tend to think way outside the vox populi. (First person who actually sees what I did there gets a cookie...or some crackers or something...)

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