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About Gina

Let's see: I'm a research scientist with a Ph.D. in molecular genetics that threw it all away due to life circumstances, and all that I had left was my creativity. I learned I can write better science fiction that real science.

Then I saw it on Twitter, roleplay performance in one of my favorite genres: Star Wars (before Disney's acquisition). There is a paucity of positive and glamorous women of color, specifically Black women in Star Wars, I created my own character and play her on social media:


Because of the racism, I had to stop playing her.

I overcame that hatred by gaining strength to request a fan table at Star Wars Celebration in 2012, 2015 and 2017. Their stipulations were I only portray their canon characters and not my created original characters. There were no characters I felt connected to, until Mr. Dave Filoni created "BO-KATAN". I cosplayed her helmet at Star Wars Celebration 2012.

When Disney purchased Lucasfilm in 2012, the production has created women of color characters I can related to, "SABINE WREN". "RAE SLOANE", "SANA STARROS-SOLO" and "VAL".

Over the years, I have learned to be patient and not allow sociopaths on social media bother me when I am actively portraying a character, despite heinous racist, sexist bigotry.

I've learned to go with the flow of improvisation and to keep writing. I have taught myself to basic levels of coding, adding computer code scripts to HTML, to work on Adobe Creative Content After Effects and Premiere. I have taught myself basic Audacity functions for my podcasts. I speak to many authors and a few actors to promote active reading from aliteracy and to educate young people.

What my company does is educate. I come from a university instructor background and it was before social media. There was only blogging when I was teaching Conversations were UBB coded, however, those old boards are not written in the same manner as a Facebook or Twitter. Therefore the neuropsychological connections to the material is different.

I learned in 2010 that storytelling on Twitter would be a "thing" and I did it for my Star Wars projects and my posthumous celebrity accounts. At that time, people were clueless. Now, people are racing to tell stories since this new story about "Zola" played on Twitter.

There is a method to social media storytelling and I can stage my representation to where the audience races to see the next episode. We tide the off season activities over as good testing grounds. The problems as a troupe performance are:

1) There are different abilities as it is a "live show";
2) All work is done online and even with Skype, it does not clearly connect all users;
3) Commitment to projects since it is a volunteer basis though what I give my volunteers would cost them thousands of dollars if they were to be formally trained;
4) Volunteer personal issues that go beyond the scope of this site.

To overcome these as a business model, I welcome positive suggestions for the items discussed. There are committed volunteers to a new niche in creative expression.

I am here to learn about the entertainment industry, and to offer something considered outside of the context of pure market strategy:

Social media during the pre-production stage tests for audience focus group feasibility. I can promise you, it is NOT as straight forward as one may think. Should that be of interest, contact me: and leave a voice-message at 1-858-345-2877.
Thank you very much for reading my bio. I appreciate it.

Unique traits: Online, social media entertainment and performance for over 9 years. Roleplay (RP) - a more polished and professional presentation with integrity to the original content creators. Thoughtful, well-research and balanced promotion in social media engagement and strong risk management procedures.


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