Geoffrey C Kosty's Reel

Commander in Chief

Commander in Chief... One man... One plan... One future.

Mediterraneus (theme)

The theme for Mediterraneus: Between the Cross and the Crescent... An Epic Period Piece I've written which focuses on the infamous Barbarossa Brothers.

Modern Desolation

After awakening on a seemingly desolate beach far from civilization, a tattered man struggles to make sense of reality.

The Paradigm

It began with volunteers... then it became law... Mandatory Retinal Scan Identification Registration.

Super Collider

With the nation's Super Collider on the verge of going hypercritical, one man struggles to complete a kill code to save our world.


The Power of Information lies in the hands of only a small number of people with PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY. In this story, a Sensitive Information Controller is to be tested and seduced by those who might seek to destroy America.

The Artifact

When two would be treasure hunters get caught up in a scheme of international intrigue, an innocent discovery leads to unintended consequences.


In a world where Technology and Innovation collide, Cyber Drugs are the new High.

Order 237

Who lived and who died... it was always his call. Some days, that decision was primal, and only the dead ones paid.

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