Emanuel F. Camacho, Pmp's Reel

All Things Hidden

We find, in All Things Hidden, a young woman (Dannie Turner) in the midst of an emotional crisis making a heartbreaking journey to confront her tragic past. Once she arrives at her childhood home, we see that past through Dannie herself as a young girl. We meet her loving, wounded yet resilient mother, Maggie, and Dannie's embittered, alcoholic, father, Richard. Their marriage is a recipe for disaster, but like most disasters, we find we cannot look away as Maggie struggles to take back...

World of Warcraft - Deathwing Cinematic Trailer

This is the trailer for World of Warcraft's Third Expansion - I recorded the Voice Over for the Dragon you are hearing in this video with Bridgitte Burdine, Voice Directing.


I was a Project Manager on this film for a very short period of time and work, sometimes that is all it takes...a little bit of quality time in a production to get it where it needs to be. This type of work leads to Unit Production Management, Associate Producing, possible Line Producing, and generally Executive Producing.


I was a Project Manager during this production, it was behind on schedule by roughly a year, I was brought in to work with Production schedules and get the scenario for release back on track. It was a wonderful experience working for Bold Films, I have a few projects on the table to PM for them in the future, but I can't speak about any of that...

The Fellows Hip: Rise of the Gamers

The Fellows Hip: Rise of the Gamers is a buddy-comedy written in honor of online gamers and Middle-earth fans. Full of Middle-earth references and good-hearted parody. The Fellows Hip follows four gamers across an epic voyage of nerdom. I am one of the Executive Producers through my company Haven Entertainment, and I also did Production and Gaming Consulting through my video gaming company GPX Gaming. We converted a small churches chapel to appear like a massive "Comic-Con-Like" Gaming Convention.

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