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  • Flamers: Bottoms in a Brushfire

    Flamers: Bottoms in a Brushfire (2018)
    Film Editor

  • Shinesty

    Shinesty (2017)
    TV Series Editor

  • Surprise! Instant Xmas Carol!

    Surprise! Instant Xmas Carol! (2016)
    TV Movie Editor

  • Mystery Phone

    Mystery Phone (2016)
    Video Editor

  • It's a Boy

    It's a Boy (2016)
    Film Editor

  • Inspiration

    Inspiration (2016)
    Film Writer

  • Spare Parts

    Spare Parts (2015)
    Film (short) by Yasmin Al-Manaseer (Comedy) Editor This is a coming-of-age story about two adolescent girls in love and a little too much parental involvement.

  • No Rules

    No Rules (2015)
    TV Movie (Game-Show and Reality-TV) Editorial department

  • Late Nite Chef Fight

    Late Nite Chef Fight (2014 - 2015)
    Television (Reality-TV) Editorial department

  • Sex Box

    Sex Box (2015)
    TV Series Editor

  • Cookin' with Salt-N-Pepa

    Cookin' with Salt-N-Pepa (2015)
    TV Series Editorial department

  • Love in the Time of Monsters

    Love in the Time of Monsters (2014)
    Film by Matt Jackson (Comedy and Horror) Miscellaneous Crew Two sisters travel to a cheesy tourist trap where they battle toxic monsters dressed in bigfoot costumes in order to save the ones they love.

  • My Five Wives

    My Five Wives (2014)
    Television (Reality-TV) Editor TLC continues to show that families come in all different shapes and sizes with the return of MY FIVE WIVES, a new nine-part series following Brady Williams, his five wives and their combined 24 children, who all live together on their large family property outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. Premiering Sunday, March 9 at 10 PM, each one-hour episode offers a candid look at a controversial lifestyle and goes behind closed doors to share an intimate portrait of this big, loving, progressive family. From dealing with everyday issues like maintaining a strong marriage and raising children to more complicated issues such as jealousy, loneliness and their schedules with Brady, nothing is off-limits. Written by Jiilo_Kim

  • In the Turn

    In the Turn (2014)
    Film by Erica Tremblay (Documentary, Biography, History and News) Editor A documentary about a 10-year-old transgender girl who finds acceptance and empowerment in the company of a queer roller derby collective.

  • Resort Rescue

    Resort Rescue (2014)
    Television (Reality-TV) Editor

  • Gigolos

    Gigolos (2011 - 2014)
    Television (Reality-TV) Editor, Producer Reality television series that shows an uncensored look at the life of Las Vegas gigolos.

  • The Slutty Years

    The Slutty Years (2013)
    Television (Comedy) Editor

  • Gypsy Sisters

    Gypsy Sisters (2013)
    Television (Reality-TV) Editor Wild and wonderful West Virginia is the setting for the blinged-out brouhaha. Mother hen Nettie is keeping a close eye on Mellie, whose behavior lately has been anything but proper for a young, single gypsy woman. Mellie's making a living and searching for love. Meanwhile, Kayla's house is a nonstop circus since she's taken in Laura's family. When the four women get together, whether it's for a little fun or for some serious family business, the fists come out. Written by TLC

  • Secret Millionaire

    Secret Millionaire (2008 - 2013)
    Television (Reality-TV) Miscellaneous Crew

  • Catfish: The TV Show

    Catfish: The TV Show (2012 - 2013)
    Television (Reality-TV) Editor Tackles the mystery and complexities of dating in a digital world. According to an MTV survey of Millenials 18-24 years old, 1 in 4 has online dated, 1 in 2 has a friend who does it and, in the past three years, traffic to top 10 online dating sites has tripled. In a world where everyone is constantly connected digitally, social media has made communicating easier but this digital world might also complicate relationships. Written by Anonymous

  • The Wieners Circle

    The Wieners Circle (2012)
    Television (Comedy, Game-Show and Reality-TV) Editor

  • Donner Pass

    Donner Pass (2011)
    Film by Elise Robertson (Horror) Editorial department In 1846, in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the area known as Donner Pass, a starving man kills three others to eat their flesh during the winter, but a boy witnesses the murders and flees. In the present days, the teenagers Kayley, her boyfriend Mike, her cousin Nicole and the outcast Thomas travel to the house in Donner Pass of Thomas's parents that are in Europe. Thomas recommends his friends to be careful with the house since his parents do not know that they are spending the weekend there. They learn that the police are hunting down the criminal James Michael Epstein. Out of the blue, the troublemaker boyfriend of Nicole, Derek, comes with his friends Brody, Valerie and A.J. in his SUV to stay with Nicole, despite the protests of Thomas. Soon their beer runs out and Brody drives the SUV to buy some more in the town. Brody goes missing and soon Mike, Kayley and Thomes find his body eaten. Meanwhile Valerie is murdered near the house and the car has flat tires. Who might be the ... Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • What's Eating You

    What's Eating You (2010)
    Television (Reality-TV) Producer Show chronicles the extreme challenges of women and men whose lives are at risk as they battle not only their distorted body images, but also self-created, life-threatening food rituals and compulsions. As participants share their true stories of food, fear and obsession, 'What's Eating You' reveals the severity of eating compulsions on levels never before seen on television. Written by Anonymous

  • The OCD Project

    The OCD Project (2010)
    Television (Reality-TV) Producer Clinical psychologist Dr. Tolin tries to treat six OCD (Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder) sufferers in a 21-day intensive treatment program.

  • Plain Jane

    Plain Jane (2010)
    Television (Reality-TV) Producer A reality show that goes beyond outward appearances to give each woman the chance to make her romantic dreams come true as well. Once the transformation is complete, the formerly plain "Jane" will surprise her unsuspecting crush with her new look and reveal her true feelings to him. A love connection is - or isn't - made. Written by CW Publicity

  • Confessions of a Teen Idol

    Confessions of a Teen Idol (2009)
    Television by Eric Bischoff (Reality-TV) Miscellaneous Crew

  • Curl Girls

    Curl Girls (2007)
    Television (Reality-TV and Sport) Miscellaneous Crew A six-part television series about a group of lesbian friends in Southern California who create a surfing competition.

  • Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead

    Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead (2006)
    Television (Reality-TV) Miscellaneous Crew

  • Making Love Happen with Lou Paget

    Making Love Happen with Lou Paget (2006)
    TV Movie (Talk-Show) Miscellaneous Crew

  • True Caribbean Pirates

    True Caribbean Pirates (2006)
    TV Movie by Tim Prokop (History) Miscellaneous Crew Blackbeard, Henry Morgan, Ann Bonny and Black Bart Roberts. Larger than life, more dangerous than legend - pirates and buccaneers set sail for plunder. Shot in high definition - True Caribbean Pirates recreates the rise of piracy in the Caribbean and its climactic, inevitable downfall. Written by Anonymous

  • Magic Castle After Dark

    Magic Castle After Dark (2006)
    Television by Jude Gerard Prest (Family) Miscellaneous Crew

  • Unbeatable Harold

    Unbeatable Harold (2006)
    Film by Ari Palitz (Comedy and Romance) Art department In the Biggest Little City in the World, Reno Nevada, lives a lovable loser, Harold James Clark. He's reaching for the stars while he searches for love and hopes to live his dream of becoming full time manager at the Wagontrain Steakhouse. Harold's assistant manager status already leaves him feeling lucky. Harold looks at a half filled glass and is simply amazed that there is even a glass. This Elvis wannabe finally meets his dream girl, Wanda Livingston. She's just run away from Vegas and her 80's rocker boyfriend, Jake Salamander. Never-mind her lack of waitressing skills, Harold gets her a job at the Wagontrain anyhow, and shows her the ropes. When Jake shows up in Reno Wanda decides to give him another chance. Meanwhile, Harold and Wanda become close real fast. Too close for Wanda. Not close enough for Harold. He's in Love... And ready to pop the question. Written by Gordon Michaels

  • Plan B

    Plan B (2005)
    TV Movie by Heather Urban Miscellaneous Crew

  • Tuckerville

    Tuckerville (2005)
    Television (Reality-TV) Miscellaneous Crew A reality series documenting the life of country music star Tanya Tucker as she records an album, runs a business, and raises her three children.

  • Kicked Out

    Kicked Out (2005)
    Television (Reality-TV) Miscellaneous Crew Kicked Out gives slackers a challenge:grow up already! And there's no running to Mom and Dad,because they're in on the conspiracy.In fact,they can't wait to get started... Take a slacker who lives at home and does,well,nothing. No job.No prospects.No chores.No more! Enough is enough and he or she is getting kicked out. For real. The slacker will have to earn a living,pay rent,do their own laundry,live on a budget,make their bed and lie in it.Think again. The slackers,or"twixters"(twenty-something's who refuse to grow up),will have to take on more responsibility than they ever had to,thanks to specific challenges designed just for them by their parents. Can the overgrown kids handle ten days of reality? Will they ever change their ways or slump back into slackerdom?And what till the experiment do to family relations The results will suprise you but it's the slackers who are in for the shock of their lives. Written by Jen

  • Single in the City: South Beach

    Single in the City: South Beach (2004)
    Television (Reality-TV and Romance) Miscellaneous Crew

  • Ultimatum

    Ultimatum (2004)
    Television (Documentary) Miscellaneous Crew

  • 1 Day with...

    1 Day with... (2004)
    Television (Reality-TV) Miscellaneous Crew KST and SOAPnet are producing a season of, "1 Day With...". "1 Day With..." is an un-scripted, reality-based celebrity profile of a daytime actor for one day. The show provides the audience with their first opportunity to witness real moments with their favorite actors who reveal their personal life off the set. Popular daytime actor, Wally Kurth ("Ned" on General Hospital) is the show's host. Wally has a fresh and disarming way of interacting and communicating with his fellow actors. He brings a playful and endearing quality to the show as we watch him and the guest actor/actress share the day together. Each episode features the two stars in a day that is unique to each guest. Wally will look inside their home, learn about their family, explore their passions and find out about other aspirations they may have outside their acting career. It's a candid, spontaneous and often surprising look into the lives of daytime soap actors. Written by Christian Taylor

  • Radical Sabbatical

    Radical Sabbatical (2004)
    Television (Reality-TV) Miscellaneous Crew

  • Untold Stories of the ER

    Untold Stories of the ER (2004)
    Television (Documentary and Drama) Miscellaneous Crew Dramatizations of patients in life threatening moments while doctors do their best to help them in the E.R.

  • Second Chance

    Second Chance (2003)
    Television (Documentary) Miscellaneous Crew

  • Work Out

    Work Out
    TV Series Miscellaneous Crew

  • Hammertime

    TV Series Producer

  • Keep on Running

    Keep on Running

  • Thank You Come Again

    Thank You Come Again
    TV Serie Editor

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