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By Sarah LeJeune

GENRE: Musical, Romance
LOGLINE: Emma Mitchell and Nick Stewart are swept away by love and torn apart by success and tragedy in this sensational jazzy musical!


Emma mitchell is a dance major who transfers to a new college her junior year. At the back to school bash, Nick Stewart, a music major, is performing. He sees her and is so stricken that he has to know her. So when she offers ballroom dance lessons on campus, Nick is the first one to sign up. And through the dance lessons they fall in love. Shortly before graduation, Nick gets a record deal in L.A. and has to move out there. Emma decides that she will go with him to L.A. for the summer to support him. But tragedy strikes when Emma's mother, Carrie, is diagnosed with cancer, so Emma has to move to Nashville to take care of her and leave their summer plans behind. Nick and Emma begin to fight a lot because of the distance and eventually break up. Emma decides that she won't be returning to schoool because Carrie is getting worse, so she gets a job at a local dance studio where she meets Kristen. While Emma is struggling with her mother and being alone, Nick becomes extremely successful and reunites with his high school girlfriend, Rebecca. Carrie passes away, and just when Emma feels totally alone, Nick goes on tour, with Rebecca, and ends up coming to Nashville. The three of them meet unexpectedly at the dance studio that Emma works at, and he invites her to come to his show. As the music builds in the final number, Emma realizes she's lost him for good and Nick is struggling with who to be with... Rebecca, his high school sweetheart? or Emma... the girl who danced her way into his heart.

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