Julia Swain

Julia Swain

Cinematographer and director of photography in Los Angeles, California

About Julia

Name: Julia Swain

Lives in: Los Angeles, California

Occupation: Cinematographer and Director of Photography


  • Flesh and Blood

    Flesh and Blood (2016)
    Film by Merlin Camozzi (Short, Action, Drama, Horror and 2 More) Cinematographer Seeking a refuge that may or may not exist, Max and her small family struggle to survive a desperate journey through the vast swath of apocalyptic infection that has destroyed their world.

  • Guest

    Guest (2016)
    Film by Jay Weneta (Short and Drama) Cinematographer

  • Cassidy Red

    Cassidy Red (2016)
    Film by Matt Knudsen (Western) Cinematographer

  • The Return

    The Return (2016)
    Video by Nell Teare (Short and Fantasy) Cinematographer

  • U.Z.L.A.

    U.Z.L.A. (2016)
    Film by Dallas King (Horror and Thriller) Camera and Electrical Department When five random co-eds at LA's biggest college are the lone survivors of a virus outbreak, they must depend on each other and their differences to run from the infected that hunt them.

  • The Martyr

    The Martyr (2015)
    Film by Ryan Jow (Short and Drama) Cinematographer Attacked his entire life for being Muslim, a sheltered young man willingly takes up the explosive vest.

  • With Grace

    With Grace (2015)
    Film by Candice Knutson (Short, Biography, Family and Romance) Cinematographer While navigating the waters of past relationships and her own insecurities, Cora has to learn how to reconcile her misguided mischievous ways to become a better role model for her boyfriend's young daughter, Grace.

  • I Blame Monty Hall

    I Blame Monty Hall (2015)
    Film by Ben Mehlman (Short, Drama, Fantasy, Horror and 2 More) Cinematographer House sitting for her boyfriend's aunt, Kate is prepared for everything except for what is behind the door under the stairs.

  • The Room Actors: Where Are They Now?

    The Room Actors: Where Are They Now? (2015)
    Television by Robyn Paris (Comedy) Camera and Electrical Department A fictionalized look at what happened to The Room actors after appearing in the worst movie ever made.

  • Torah Values

    Torah Values (2015)
    Film by Josh Yunis (Short and Comedy) Camera and Electrical Department

  • Hidden

    Hidden (2014)
    Film by Ryan Elkins (Short, Drama, Family and History) Cinematographer A young brother and sister struggle with fear and vulnerability while hiding underneath the floorboards of Holocaust hero Irena Sendler.

  • The Arrangement

    The Arrangement (2014)
    Film by Leilani Downer (Short, Comedy and Romance) Cinematographer Two strangers accept an arrangement that makes them bedroom buddies and less than lovers.

  • Through Your Eyes

    Through Your Eyes (2014)
    Film by Monique Carmona (Short and Comedy) Cinematographer This magical tale of kinship and community is ignited when a charismatic old soul reaches out to a spirited young lady, for an unprecedented adventure through Los Angeles and ultimately their hearts.

  • Daily Bread

    Daily Bread (2014)
    Film by Betsy Tsai (Short and Drama) Cinematographer Near the conflict-ridden border at midnight, two Israeli boys find themselves in a scuffle with a Palestinian boy on his shortcut home. The histories, divisions, and desperation of both families surface from the boys' memories, and shape their discordant approaches to the sticky situation at hand.

  • What We Need

    What We Need (2014)
    Film by Merlin Camozzi (Short and Drama) Cinematographer

  • Enhanced

    Enhanced (2014)
    Film by Jeremy David White (Short, Comedy, Drama and Sci-Fi) Camera and Electrical Department Live longer. Live smarter. Be better.

  • Sugar Daddies

    Sugar Daddies (2014)
    Film by Doug Campbell (Thriller) Camera and Electrical Department A college student finds herself caught up in a circle of young women enjoying the high life and funding their dreams by "socializing" with a jet set crowd of older men until one girl turns up missing and the collegiate risks her own life to find the truth.

  • Go North

    Go North (2014)
    Film by Vanita Shastry (Short, Drama, Fantasy, Horror and 1 More) Camera and Electrical Department As a young woman escapes the World Trade Center on 9/11, she begins losing her mind while suffering from crushing guilt as a result of her friend's death.

  • Los Feliz, 90027

    Los Feliz, 90027 (2014)
    Television (Drama) Camera and Electrical Department A racy drama about a group of people aspiring to do bigger and better things, but in the day to day grind have to manage their personal issues. It is a spicy dramatic comedy by every scene.

  • Obituaries

    Obituaries (2014)
    Film by Ryan Moody (Short, Crime, Drama and News) Camera and Electrical Department A chronicle of lives lost in a school shooting. In the wake of another tragedy, we get a glimpse of each victim and see who they were, who they loved, who they hurt, and who they wanted to be.

  • Best Idea Ever

    Best Idea Ever (2013)
    Film by April Holladay (Short, Comedy and Romance) Cinematographer Shelley's got the best idea ever: using her boyfriend Dean's penchant for sleepwalking to plant subliminal suggestions about how to improve their relationship. But when Dean reveals more than she was expecting, can both of them wake up to reality? Written by Anonymous

  • Round the Bend

    Round the Bend (2013)
    TV Movie by Sagi Barzilay (Comedy) Cinematographer A level-headed psychologist puts his dreams on hold, so he can watch over his dad at a retreat center run by a group of eccentric therapists.

  • Ginny & Martha

    Ginny & Martha (2013)
    Film by Sara Fenton (Short and Drama) Cinematographer

  • Frohe Ostern

    Frohe Ostern (2013)
    Film by David Cunningham (Short and Action) Cinematographer

  • Nature of the Beast

    Nature of the Beast (2013)
    Film by Gabriel Geagea (Documentary and Drama) Cinematographer A man who built his life on drugs and violence finds redemption where he least expected.

  • 10%

    10% (2013)
    Film by Nathan Stone (Short and Drama) Cinematographer

  • A Family Affair

    A Family Affair (2013)
    Film by Nate'Eya Kahsai (Short and Comedy) Camera and Electrical Department Kai must learn to navigate his crazy family while pursuing his first love, Olivia.

  • The Pruning of Eden

    The Pruning of Eden (2013)
    Film by Betsy Tsai (Short and Drama) Camera and Electrical Department

  • Red Line

    Red Line (2013)
    Film by Robert Kirbyson (Thriller) Camera and Electrical Department Terrified commuters are on the ride of their lives when terrorists send a subway train speeding out of control during rush hour. With the saboteur among them, a group of citizens are now trapped underground and in a race against time if they hope to see daylight again. Full of fast-paced action and suspense, Redline is a thriller that will have you holding on for safety. Written by Anonymous

  • Under and Above

    Under and Above (2013)
    Film by Julia Swain (Short and Drama) Director A young, dying photographer attempts to spend what may be his last days with his friends as they make their latest film.

  • Spare Room

    Spare Room (2012)
    Film by Jan Hemstad (Short and Drama) Cinematographer

  • The Unwritten Rules

    The Unwritten Rules (2012)
    Television by Kim Williams (Comedy) Cinematographer Based on the book, "40 Hours and an Unwritten Rule: The Diary of a Nigger, Negro, Colored, Black, African-American Woman" by Kim Williams, the web series examines the comedic realities of a Black Co-Worker in a predominantly white workplace. Written by Kim Williams

  • Stained

    Stained (2012)
    Film by Jan Hemstad (Short and Crime) Cinematographer

  • Providence

    Providence (2012)
    Film by Jan Hemstad (Short and Action) Cinematographer

  • Revelations

    Revelations (2012)
    Film by Dominic Iocco (Short and Drama) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director

  • Mr. Swan

    Mr. Swan (2011)
    Film by Colleen Monroe (Short and Drama) Editor An unknown man sitting in an airport is judged from three different perspectives by random passengers in an airport. Based off a short story by Nathaniel Hawthorne, this narrative leaves the audience with a question: How do we see other people? Written by Anonymous

  • Dance: Turns for the Worse

    Dance: Turns for the Worse (2010)
    Film by Jennifer Lee (Short, Biography, Comedy and Romance) Cinematographer Jerry Ushkowitz and Jennifer Wu suffer from a rare movement disorder called Choreia Dyskensia. Shunned by society, they struggle to find normalcy while uncontrollable dancing interferes with their personal and professional lives.

  • Cecilia

    Cecilia (2009)
    Film by Maggie Mahrt (Short and Drama) Editor Tamara has secrets that her fiance doesn't know about. Everything comes to a head in one day when the truth can no longer be hidden. Redemption comes unexpectedly through a name, 'Cecilia'.

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