Artur Lago-Varjapetian's Reel

Artur Lago-V. Fighting and Choreography Reel from SATISFIED…

In this fighting scene, the director and I worked on merging street fighting and martial arts style movement to create realistic and unique quality of action. It's always fun to see how many visions become one when the product is edited. My favorite part about collaborating with directors on action films is to translate their visual descriptions into kinesthetic experience. Enjoy!

Satisfied - Full .mov Action Thriller I collaborated on as an…

In this short film Jaison and I worked on achieving the balance between gritty street fighting and stylized martial arts action styles. Enjoy!

STOP LOOKING. In- tu- it

Choreography by : Artur Lago-V. Music by: Vladimir Visotsky "The Song About Offended Time" All rights reserved by Melodiya Dancers: Alvaro Nunez, Jack Taylor... And I also love choreographing dances that challenge our perception of what our reality was, is, should, could, can, and will be. Enjoy and hope you intuit what the best reality is for you.

Action Choreography Creative Process fro our TV Series Pilot The…

Choreographing action for The Omega Series. Feel free to contact me if you need any tips on how to choreograph big and small action scenes for film.

"Time To Come Home" | A Rascal Brothers Film

Time to Come Home is an action thriller web-series. Agent 71 has gone rogue and finds himself homeless in the streets of Philadelphia. His former brotherhood seeks him. One of the episodes from the action-thriller web series that my team from Steven Michael Studios and I have worked on. Action choreography is by me.

The "Janitor" Directed by Gregory R.R. Crosby

The "Janitor" Directed by Gregory R.R. Crosby Starring- Artur Lago-V. Produced by Gregory R.R. Crosby and Artur Lago-V. Written by Gregory R.R. Crosby and Artur Lago-V. Choreographed by Artur Lago-V. Enjoy this multi genre comedy that will take you on an intense journey through elevator ride with gangsters, lovers, and action figures of Hollywood! 10 minutes you will never forget. This short concept for a bigger feature that I would like to discuss to co-develop with any of those who have resources, skills, and passion to help bring fun and entraining concept to the audience. Enjoy!

The Omega Series (Pilot)

Contact me To Help Continue this great action-adventure original series. My team from Steven Michael Studios and I spent two years to film and develop. It's one of those action adventures that give opportunity to many talented people, entertain and inspire young generation to fight for their dreams and pursue their goals. Enjoy!

"No Fancy Ride" by Gregory R.R. Crosby written by Artur Lago-V.…

When a hapless carjacker gets more than he bargains for, he learns a valuable lesson about love and self-respect in this absurdist comedy. Enjoy another one of my short comedies produced with my friend and creative collaborator Gregory R.R. cCosby at Lost Heart Productions. I wrote it asa ten minute play based on a true story but then with little bit work and collaboration we turned it into a fun semi absurd romantic comedy.

Artur Lago-V acting reel

All the material you see in my reel comes from work that I also co-produced, worth, choreographed, and am currently looking for an opportunity to finance to develop into bigger projects. Enjoy!

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