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By Tugume Benon (Benie)

GENRE: Crime, Drama

Upon discovery of secret codes & ill treatment, a desperate young man enlists his two friends to conduct a perfect heist on an impregnable establishment.


Amidst modern lofty buildings and a bustling city, ALPHA bumps into DRAKE, an old child-hood friend. They decide to grab a beer and catch up at a local pub. They quickly learn that while they both have made great strides in their education, Alpha, an intern at a law firm, and Drake, apprenticing at John Hopkins Hospital, neither one is able to find permanent employment four years after graduation. Drake understands how badly this must eat at Alpha, who dreams of a day he can provide for his mother, ANNABELLE, and rescue her from an exploitative job that treats her like a slave.

Meanwhile, at the Smith Property, where Annabelle works, ABRAM SMITH, a humble business owner, receives a surprise visit from several back officials, detectives and private investigators who slap him with a law suit for defaulting on a three-million-dollar loan. The news rocks the family, JO SMITH, Abram’s son, and MRS. PERRY SMITH, Abram’s wife, a paranoid narcissist who hates Annabelle.

Abram Smith decides it is best for him to leave the country to avoid being arrested. He leaves his estate and business in the hands of Perry and Jo, warning them to be extremely cautious going forward, and assures Annabelle nothing bad will happen to her. But as soon as Abram is gone, Perry turns on Annabelle, making her life worse. Alpha, unable to find a job, and fueled by revenge for his mother, decides with Abram gone, now is the perfect time to strike. There is only one problem, he needs the safe codes.

Conveniently, Alpha’s younger sister, ADILYN, a computer science graduate, unknowingly saved the safe codes on her computer while backing up Jo Smith’s hard drive to help him fix a problem. Once Alpha learns this, he teams up with Drake and EVRIN, Drake’s little brother, to secretly plan their heist. They secure disguises, scope out the Smith premises, fashion masks for the day-of, and come up with an escape route. The plan is flawless.

On the first try, Alpha gets locked in by Jo Smith on his way out for a night on the town. After almost being caught, he narrowly escapes through the emergency small gate behind the premises; the boys decide to wait two more weeks.

Two weeks later, finally it is time. They make it inside the estate with relatively no issues. Passed the night guard and into the main entrance.

Outside, a thunderstorm ensues. Perry Smith enters her kitchen and begins to chop tomatoes. In the living room, Evrin drops a roll of duct tape, creating a loud thud. Perry stops chopping, grows curious. The boys have no other option but to tie her up. First, they make her take them to the safe. They open it with the safe-codes saved to Adilyn’s computer, and leave Perry tied to a chair in the kitchen.

Perry is not found until several hours later, when Jo stumbles in drunk from a long night out. While arguing and playing the blame game, Abram Smith calls from the States. Jo is forced to tell him the bad news. Abram, angered, explains that this is why he warned them to be cautious. Jo assures him the cops are looking into it. Perry blames Annabelle and believes she is behind the whole incident. They decide to expel all the workers indefinitely.

Evrin, with the backpack full of the money and Gold, secretly calls upon his cousin, ROMMY, to find market for their gold first thing in the morning. Evrin does not disclose where he got the gold, only that he found it in a bag hidden in a bush. Later, Evrin meets up with Drake and Alpha, who urge that they must all wait until the whole thing blows over before looking for market.

Alpha visits his mother, who is depressed over losing her job. Alpha, burdened by guilt, comes clean to his mother and sister about what he has done. He assures them life will be different from now on. He gives them both money and assures them how is leaving the country for safety reasons.

Meanwhile, Rommy looks for market for the gold, and stumbles upon the Smith Property. Jo Smith recognizes the gold as his own and has Rommy arrested. While Alpha, Drake, and Evrin are living a low-key high life, they see on the news that Rommy has been arrested in connection with the robbery of the Smith Property. Now they must flee the country as well and go into hiding, before Rommy gives them up…

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