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By Tugume Benon (Benie)

GENRE: Romance, Drama

After fleeing Uganda to head off a police investigation into a gold heist, a young man finds himself falling in love with the daughter of his victim while living in the victim’s house in California.


Following on from The Incisive, ALPHA and his mates, DRAKE and EVRIN feel the heat of the police investigation into the gold heist from Abram Smith’s house, Alpha and his mates sweat as the police closes in on them, but they luckily survive and escape by the skin of their teeth to the airport, and decide to flee Uganda for the sunny shores of California.

There, Alpha meets the beautiful and charming CARLITA, and as their relationship blossoms, her cousin brother ROSS. B doesn’t like how fast Alpha is getting closer to Carlita, he tries to sabotage but in vain, Carlita renders him extraneous and irrelevant. The ‘chemistry’ between the two is way above the clouds already. An excited Carlita eventually invites Alpha and the boys to visit at her father’s house in Santa Monica.

Shock looms when Alpha coincidentally finds himself being welcomed into the house by Carlita’s father, MR. ABRAM SMITH himself. Although they try to contain the situation, they still bitterly argue about the past robbery secretly on the side. A predicament soon ensues when suddenly infuriated Mr. Smith’s temper sparks like damp firewood, confrontations begin but despite a physical showdown, the truth does not prevail and Alpha is not suspected.

After some time, an inviolable bond soon forms between Alpha and Abram as secrets prevail on both sides with Carlita being unaware of her father’s other family and Alpha’s chronicles; matters grow worse as Abram’s interfering elder sister, CHANDRAKANTA pays a visit from the village and tries to poison Alpha in an attempt to dictate who Carlita should or should not marry along racial lines. Alpha survives death by a whisker.

Abram’s wife, MRS. PERRY SMITH threatens turn up and expose everything but the moment is almost saved, rather tragically, when her plane crashes en-route a few hours after takeoff, first rumoured killing all aboard.

After all hope is lost, days later... In black mood, a fatigued Perry suddenly appears at Abrams house in California. Confrontations, a serious quarrel breaks out and she threatens death or a divorce, nothing less.

A rain of tears running down her face, barefooted, a visibly ‘mad’ and inconsolable Perry walks out on the hubby and disappears down the street into obscurity.

Mr. Smith hurriedly tries to follow her down the boulevard, unfortunately only to find a speeding car has run over her, she is lying in a pool of cold blood, she’s pronounced dead on the spot.

With the path now clear, Abram clears his conscience with Carlita and his son, JO SMITH; he reveals the truth about his two families and Alpha receives the blessing from Abram to allow him marry Carlita.

Months later, Alpha and Carlita’s wedding materializes, they become husband and wife; happily ever after!

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