Daniel Jefferson

Daniel Jefferson

Actor, comedian and host/presenter in Bangkok, Thailand

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Since summer 2014 Daniel has a working relationship with a studio in Bangkok with an english speaking engineer,check out Daniels recent voice demos on some of his sites

His slated site spells out his profile

A latecomer with energy and drive,although no formal training has established a solid CV base before emigrating in 2008

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Top 100 Stage 32 Desert Island Movies

Zombie Scumbags Trailer

It's been a longtime coming, but here is the new trailer for Zombie Scumbags. A film shot way back in 2007, that is finally being finished and released.Daniel plays Mr Frampton

local hero

The second shoot again with fellow talent John Snowden

Newgate Official Teaser Trailer

"Newgate" Official Teaser Trailer. Immortal Knights battle for possession of an ancient key that can open a doorway to Hell beneath London's Old Bailey.Daniel plays Gregory Van Huesen

Rubicon or: Let's talk about Hell - Trailer

'Rubicon or: Let's talk about Hell' is a neo-expressionist satiric conspiracy thriller. So far officially selected at the London International Film Festival ...awarded ' Best Experimental Film ' at Laughlin Film Festival 2013 Daniel plays 2 characters

Actor's Showreel 2008

Edit of various shorts shot in 2006/2007 and indeed 2008

Daniel Jefferson Showreel

Film and TV appearances from actor Daniel Jefferson

It's A Hell Of A Story - The Moon Staff from Me Me Me

Editor Marshall Artes, his secretary, Work Experience girl Jane Fellowes, cub reporter Armitage Shanks and the Moon Hacks sing It's A Hell Of A Story from the movie Me Me Me; available free online from May 2011. Daniel plays Marshall Artes

The Toilet Guy

  • 28

The Toilet Guy spends his day looking after a public toilet. He has a seemingly unending list of chores, whether it's polishing the grille of the air vent, checking the air pressure of a drain, or comprehensively filing every nut and bolt he finds. Unable to find the solace he desires outside the ...

Celebration Collage

Voice over / voice acting show reel,kindly Recorded,Produced,Directed and Edited by actor/presenter Brad Shaw in 2006

Sweet Revenge

Written by myself,recorded,produced and edited by fellow actor John Snowden.

This was one of two short clips in collabaration with John,shot in Essex in the summer of 2007

4GetMeNot Ice Whole awarded short

Awarded December 2008, a very loud thank you to Jonathan Honnor,Daniel plays Ian Broadbent in the Lead

Hybrid voice over/photograph show reel

Various voice work integrated with photographs,produced/edited by Mike Ogilvie in 2007,professional photographer and so much more