Geoffrey Edwards's Reel

Infinity Corsets

Infinity Corsets by Transforma Garments, Quebec City, 2015. One corset, many different looks - just change the panels zipped on! Online store to come soon. Not particularly interesting as video goes, just a way of showcasing my fashion collection. There is a connection to Stage32, however - my corsets will be developed and incorporate sensors as part of our participatory opera project.


An installation at the intersection between the performing arts and cognitive science. The installation sought to change the way people perceive and understand lyrical classical music - in particular, the music of Mahler. Three separate stations explored this - one devoted to mirror neurons, one devoted to image schemata and a third section which used a device we invented for the project called the "co-breather". The co-breather imparts the breath pattern of the performer to the listener - it...

Ariadne Emerging

A videoclip that presents work at the intersection between the sciences and the arts. The document shows a choreographed opera excerpt danced by Lina Cruz and danced and sung by Marie Louise Bourbeau, intercut with a discussion of scientific elements concerning a concept called "image schemata"

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