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By Jonathan Katz

GENRE: Animation, Comedy

A brainy black teen's transfer to an all-white suburban prep school is meant to quell racial tensions, but births a batsh*t neo-Nazi uprising instead.


VERY FlNE PEOPLE is a raucous and profane social satire about de facto school segregation and creeping White Nationalism in America. Though not for the faint of heart, our show is guilefully optimistic and layered: a coming-of-age ensemble comedy/love story/mystery/thriller mash-up with a biting social commentary and ironically inclusive worldview.

My co-writer and I (he’s black, I’m Jewish) both grew up in affluent suburban communities, where self-avowed liberalism was undercut -- just a smidge -- by the disturbing lack of diversity in our schools and neighborhoods. Years later, when my own seemingly liberal community in Charlottesville became the unexpected center of a white nationalist resurgence in 2017, I started working on this project with new urgency. We believe now is the perfect time for this ridiculous but maybe-not-quite-so-ridiculous-anymore exploration of how small cruelties and hypocrisies can lead to full-on Nazism in America.

Our pilot script won the "Best TV Screenplay" prize at the 2019 Nashville Film Festival, and below are some excerpts from positive script coverage we’ve been fortunate to receive:

“I firmly believe that this show might do wonders on an S-VOD platform like Netflix or Amazon if picked as an Original. Frankly, it has all the ingredients for a hit show. It is meaningful, insanely funny, and contemporary.” -- WeScreenplay

“This is a clever, at times hilarious, barb at the modern school environment in the age of hyper-politicization." -- The BlackList

“[Katz and Wright] are funny writers, the laughs are real, the dialogue is great, the setting is unique, and the story — let me tell you — is off the charts unique." -- Script Reader Pro

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