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By Mikey Lott

GENRE: Animation, Fantasy

A high school freshman, and secretly a musical prodigy, struggles to keep alive a world he created through lucid dreaming at the expense of his relationships, his goals, and his self-image in reality.


When we meet our protagonist Myles, he's this hunk who's dressed like a pilot, flies a plane with his anthropomorphic dog Spickey (who died in reality), and is treated like a celebrity in an unreal paradise; and then he wakes up. In reality Myles is a shy, almost mute kid who doesn't see enough value in himself to try to change anything, despite him wanting to ask his crush to the Christmas dance; wanting to stand up against his bullies; and his single mother and English teacher wanting more genuine relationships from him. One day he sleeps in class, talks out loud, and runs out embarrassed, leaving behind his dream journal. Mr. Leavitt confiscates it and learns not only about his dreams, but that Myles is a natural songwriter; the next time he sees the boy, he offers Myles piano lessons and discovers that he's a natural. From here on out, Myles must ultimately decide where he wants to be; in the dream world where he's who he wants to be or reality where he's who he needs to be.

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