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By Timothy Christopher Teemal

GENRE: Action, Sci-fi, Adventure, Fantasy

Wanting more than his lot in his world, Eon is forced into the Matrix to protect his brother. After forming an alliance with rogue agents and the all powerful Zard, he defeats a rebel leader bent on shattering the truce between humans and machines, but betrayal sees great loss, and the secret revealed, that Eon may be the New Chosen One.


The truce between Machines and humans is threatened when a small band of women rebels, led by Morta, visit the Matrix to hunt specific targets.

Toto, the rebel's newest target, gets help from an anonymous call by Zard, just as he is about to become the rebels latest victim.

Escaping their clutches, Toto retreats to solace by his step brother's Eon's night spot, Kansas, but he is followed by one of the rebels - Decima.


n protecting his step brother from execution, Eon creates a 'storm,' and luckily kills Decima, but as he and Toto face certain death from her allies, they are rescued by Agents - Crow, Lyon and Thin.

Eon and Toto find synergies with the Agents, and they form an alliance to seek out Zard; the holder of all that they desire.

Following the 'yellow brick road,' the group of 5 eventually get to 'emerald city' where they meet Zard, but not before a memorable encounter with Nona, which sees sparks fly between she and Eon.

Zard the negotiator wants to put a stop to Morta and tasks Eon and the rest with bringing back her 'head', in exchange for 'riches' and in order to succeed, he gives them special 'training.' - Training that they use to defeat Morta's rings of bodyguards of Spooks, Vamps and Sentinels.

Successfully reaching Morta, Eon is captured and Morta's real plan is revealed, but she is betrayed by Decima, who, after 'choosing' Eon, forms an alliance with the agents and Toto, and they rescue Eon and defeat Morta.

Triumphantly back at Emerald city to collect their rewards from Zard, they are betrayed as Zard's mask falls and his truth revealed.

After an epic battle, Eon is forced to make a choice, and when he does, he finds out that he was within a Matrix, within another Matrix.

Purged from the Matrix, he is rescued, but his powers from the Matrix has transcended to the Real World, hinting that Eon may be the New Chosen One.

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