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By Serita Stevens

GENRE: Action
LOGLINE: Teen Adventure -In the tone of Spy Kids meets Iron Eagle Official Selection at the International Family Film Festival --
A teen gymnast and her friends defy the military to rescue her father from terrorists


Title: Flip Kids Genre: Teen Action/Adventure Comparison: Spy Kids About the author and history: Serita Stevens has written 39 books, stories and scripts - with some produced and many optioned. She is represented by Italia Gandolfo, management and Jason Dravis of Monterio Rose Dravis Agency. Official Selection at the International Family Film Festival Logline: Angel, a Chinese-American teenage gymnast, and her techo friends must defy the military to rescue her father from terrorists. Synopsis: Adopted from China, Angel Paskin, a teenage gymnast, falls from the bar at the local competition and turns to watch her rival, Magda, perform a perfect 10. Gritting her teeth, Angel returns to sit by her mother who complains “Why can’t Angel be as good as the other girl?” Mother, a former gymnast herself, informs Angel that she must practice more especially if she plans on going to the international contest in Beijing. Anxious to go to China, and maybe learn more about her heritage, she promises, despite the fact that she really likes Karate better. Her military doctor father hurries into the gym and promises he won’t miss another of Angel’s competitions, but then, because of the rampaging virus and his ability to create an antidote, he’s called by the officials to China. Once in the Chinese capital, however, Dr. Paskin is kidnapped by Japanese terrorists who have stolen the virus and intends to use it to create a pandemic. They need Dr. Paskin to create the antidote for them. He refuses. Worried that she has not heard from her father, Angel begins bugging the general. She asks her friend Simon, a techno-geek, the son of the general, to help her. The general, upset that Dr. Paskin has not reported in begins to investigate. He determines that the doctor knew the danger he was going into and they cannot risk a whole team to enter China just for one man. Besides, the Chinese government can search for him. He won’t tell Angel or her mother what he’s learned, however. Meanwhile, Angel is attacked on the street and nearly kidnapped. She realizes that the terrorists want her to force her father to make the antidote by taking her. Once again, she goes to the general, but he refuses to do anything. Both Angel and Magda make the international team. Once in the Chinese capital, Simon, who has been facebooking with a Chinese techno-kid, agrees to help Angel find her father. Before they can do that, the dorm that Angel and Magda stay in is attacked. Because Magda wearing Angel’s jacket, the terrorists, thinking that she is Dr. Paskin’s daughter, kidnap her. Worried about her team mate, concerned about her father, Angel and Simeon find Angel’s biological brother who has government contacts. He agrees to assist them. Together, the four of them travel to the mountains outside the city on borrowed motor bikes. The chaperones, finding out that Angel and Simon have disappeared, realizing where they have gone, now send the military, with the Chinese helping, after them. At the terrorist hideout where the Japanese have hidden Dr. Paskin and taken Magda, Angel must walk a tightrope wire across the gorge to reach the other side. She’s worried about this because she fell off the bar last time she competed, but, with the encouragement of Simon and her brother, she’s determined to try. The kids manage to break into the hideout and find Dr. Paskin, but even as they prepare to escape, the head of the Japanese terrorist organization, who turns out to be one of the general’s assistants, confronts them. He will detonate the virus with or without the antidote. The sound of the military helicopters are heard in the background and the terrorist makes a run for it. Angel confronts him by jumps in the air, knocking him down. He runs to a secret tunnel. The military blow out the hideout, rescuing the kids and Paskin. Returning to the competition just in time for the United States team to compete, Angel thinks she sees the Japanese man in the crowd. She goes after him only to find that he’s rigged the virus to a bomb in a backpack. Only with Simon’s help are the able to defuse the explosion. Angel and Magda, once bitter enemies, are now best of friends as they perform a duet floor routine to stand-up applause.

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