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By Serita Stevens

GENRE: Drama, Historical
LOGLINE: Young Deborah (Judges 4 & 5) must convince the stubborn Hebrews to follow her into battle against the powerful King Jabin, the Canaanite while fighting for the love of Barak, her captain, against the feelings he has for Yael, the wife of Heber, who, with her tent pin, destroys the Canaanite general, Sisera.


Based on the Biblical chapters reciting the story of Judge Deborah (Chapters 4&5), Lightening and Fire presents the life of Deborah beginning from her teen years and her prophecies until she leads the war against the Cannanites and the culmination of her aching love for Barak, her general. Barak ben Abinoam, having witnessed the murder of his father at the hands of renegade soldiers, is sold into slavery. Meeting up with a tribe of Kenites, he escapes with the help of Yael, a new bride to a much older man, Heber.. In love with him, Yael realizes she cannot have him. Having met Barak and aided his escape, Deborah also loves the young man, but since she is marriage age, her parents decree that Deborah shall marry her hoary cousin, Lappodith, a rich merchant who will pay their taxes. As Deborah succumbs to her wifely role, she longs for Barak, but more importantly she longs for Israel to be a nation again. No longer able to tolerate the idolatrous ways her people have fallen into, Deborah pleads with them to rise up against the oppressor. Lappodith objects. He has connections to the Cannanite King and will not have his wife opposing him. Meekly Deborah agrees, but continues her ways in secret. Barak is found with hidden weapons and once again taken into slavery. In her desire to free Barak, Deborah’s husband, Lappodith dies. But now she must discourage his brother from claiming her as wife according to the Hebrew law. Using her skills as a prophet, she forces the other man to denounce his claim on the widow Deborah and, as a wealthy woman, she is now free to pursue her dreams. Winning Barak’s freedom in a game of backgammon, she convinces the King to free her friend. Mildly amused, King Jabin does not believe the Israelites can do anything to his mighty arm. He challenges Deborah. The people of Israel flock to her side – at first slow and then others come. They take refuge on Mount Tabor in the North country. And there, with Barak at her side, she faces the enemy. But there is still the enemy within her that does not know if she can give her heart to any man. Betrayed by one of her aides and nearly murdered, Deborah becomes stronger in her devotion to HaShem. The day of the battle dawns. It looks like Sissera will win. But at the last moment, HaShem sends a storm to flood the river, sweeping away the enemy’s mighty fighting forces. A fleeing Sissera finds his way to the tent of his friend Heber, the Kenite. The older man has fled, but his young wife, Yael, accepts the visitor. Knowing how crucial this battle is to Barak, the man she secretly loves, Yael murders the Captain with a tent pin. She knows that Barak loves Deborah and that her husband will kill her once her deed is known. With her own hand, she decides her fate. The Hebrews win the day. Deborah rules for 40 years of peace with Barak at her side.


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