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By Serita Stevens

GENRE: Western
LOGLINE: Based on the book Deceptive Desires, Logan's Land is a female Shane.  Elisa Edwards, a Rachel McAdams type, single and alone, must defy the Cattle Barons of Montana to help save a town while falling in love with the man whom she thinks murdered her brother.


Logan’s Land is a Western suspense in the vein of John Wayne’s “McLintock” and “Liberty Valance”, but told from a feminine viewpoint. The Robber Barons have been ruling the West, grabbing up land from the small farmers and creating their own empire and Teddy Roosevelt has created his new Federal Treasury investigators (pre-FBI.) Not having heard from her twin, Elisa Edwards seeks out his last known place only to meet brothers Morgan and Logan James, ranchers who have much to gain by scaring away the little farmer. Observing a gun battle between Logan and a small farmer, Elisa becomes convinced that Logan is evil and that he knows more about her brother than he would admit. She learns that farm after farm is falling prey to a mysterious buyer and believes her brother was caught up in the investigation. In an effort to find the clues of her brother’s disappearance, she realizes that she must maintain contact with Logan James – her main suspect. In order to do so, she agrees to travel to his ranch and teach her daughter Sara. Making friends with Chief, the Native American farmhand, she learns more about Logan than she cares to know. Despite that she is determined to have her revenge and follows him on the cattle drive only to be swallowed by a Montana snow storm as she tries to get the injured Logan back to safety. Learning that her brother was a Treasury Agent, she is even more convinced of Logan’s guilt, until the very end when trapped by Morgan, she realizes who murdered her brother. Rescued by Chief during the Indian war after the dam is blown up, Logan and Elisa bring Morgan to justice and stop the men from destroying several small farms and taking over the water rights of the valley. Only then does Elisa admit that she loves Logan as he does her.


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