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By Connor Eck

GENRE: Drama

A young man, outwardly a brute but inwardly a sentient being, returns home from college to an unceremonious welcome and family turmoil. All he wants is an ordinary life, though at each turn he is confronted by past traumas and transgressions, as well as new ones that open up old scars and summon him into darkness, luring him closer and closer to death.


Nalin Jamison is a former celebrated high school and collegiate quarterback who has nearly thrown his life away. Now, graduating college much later than expected, he returns home to a disconnected family and an uncertain future. His mom is aloof and suffers from post-traumatic stress. His father is cold, abrasive, and holds a grudge over Nalin for his past transgressions that his family has had to bear the consequences of. Nalin is both a lover and a fighter. He has self-destructive tendencies but endearing intentions. Nalin must beat on through traumatic flashbacks, convoluted fantasies, family turmoil, and the fatal vicissitudes of the universe in order to establish the life he envisions - a quiet, ordinary life, which, he should be the first to know, is no longer possible, nor will it ever be...

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