Wayne Barboza's Reel

The Parting Ways Project 2015

True stories are not writing for the imagination,yet stranger then fiction is the Mystery of the Cape Verdean American Connection. (stopping) the Coming Race war.

Parting Ways 2015

using a no budget family camera and a dinosaur P.C. I'm archiving real historical event's in hope that some day the best of history will include this documentary ( ongoing) any suggestion are welcome.

The Parting Ways Project 2014 -2015

A none debatable story of America's founding fathers, Behind a veil of secrecy, a hidden National Treasure. as recently recognized Nationally,As the most important discovery in the telling of a "New History"of America The none professional appearance is because the only archived records & images are done by a poor pair of veteran's of the Viet Nam Era, were arrogantly met with deliberate indifference because of their Afro American decent. Documented & recorded by A cheap family camera...

America's Last Platation,Providence R.I.

Trying to get professionals to help seems a waste.so with public opinion, I get to be atop of what a old man with a nothing but a cheap camera and old P.C. Amazing Tribe of Cape Verdean American's Told by actual elder Wayne Ibn Musa Barboza (me) Craeting and recording Inter-dimensional secret and sacred ongoing true Trans Historical timeless story.One day all the material for a good movie,and a record.of intellectual rights and ownership of a nation that rises out of a nation.

Parting Ways Project today!

Ongoing empty pocket production's produced by a Great Grandaddy Veteran of both foreign and domestic ,war's. Webmaster of The www.Capeverdean.net and the most recent member of The Congressional Black Caucus Veteran's Brain Trust. Elder of the Barboza tribe.In N.America. Top secret clearance U.S.Army Guided missles, 1st Afro American,to file law suit against U.S. Army for Breach of contract. and...

Trans Historical Event

No way to give justice to history in the making, So this is bait for pro's who care to comment on before the actual Documentary is made,.

Juneteenth at Parting Ways

For the very first time in the 14 years, A group of Afro American locals of the Plymouth Ma. hometown of America. had a event to acknowledge the Black patriots of The Revolutionary War.this is uncut footaGE AND FROM MY PERSONAL FILES.a UNEDITED VERSION IS AVAILIBLE FOR A SMALL DONATION TO COVER EXSPENSE AND SHIPPING tHANK yOU.

Raising The Dead/Parting Ways Project Easter Morning

No matter what Holiday or spiritual mood your day is today. Please take a few minutes to share this message.from The Poor ,Who Help the Poor,Who Help the Poorest

The Cape Verdean Connection

The Parting Ways T.V.Show for April in Providence R.I. A Must See

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