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By Jim Catizone

GENRE: Comedy, Drama

A non-traditional couple and their waiter coworkers, working for a large restaurant chain, face the ups & downs of the service industry, during a year and half of their lives.



Harry and Suzanne are part of an ensemble cast of servers from a fictional Italian restaurant chain called 'The Italian Restaurant'. Their story travels through a year and half in the lives of working in the service industry.

After a promotional commercial is shot in their restaurant, factors and life events start changing all of their lives.

Harry and Suzanne try to handle their relationship while dealing with the everyday ups and downs of 'serving', pressures of life decisions, and a bige age difference.

Harry a 42 year old full time server, has been stuck in this 'Black Hole of Human Potential' for many year, ignoring his Public Relations Degree. Harry has gotten used to the fast paced & free willed life style, for which the Service Industry brings.

Suzanne is a 23 year old college student on the verge of making a decision about Graduate School. She is surprised by the feelings and impact, that her relationship has had on her.

Harry and Suzanne have a very tight group of friends, who they also work with.

A major corporate executive.. Slogan Namemaker, takes a liking to Harry and takes him under his wing. Unfortunately, Slogan brings 'scandal' to the company, and has to step down.

While lives intertwine and become more complicated, the characters must adapt to the new changes.

The Italian Restaurant examines life as a waiter from a realistic point of view. Sometimes it's hilarious, sometimes frustrating. But, at the core of it... it's an unappreciated job.

(c) 2015 - Jim Catizone

The Italian Restaurant

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