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Randall Rutledge

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Actor, author and boom operator in Calhoun, Georgia

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Randall Rutledge
320 Nicole Dr Resaca, GA 30735
706-428-2441 (Home) 706-934-1740 (Cell) 706-428-9466 (Fax)
Website: www.rutledgemediagroup.com , www.imdb.me/randallrutledge
I was Born August 23, 1961, in Calhoun, Georgia a small farm town situated in the mountains 70 miles northwest of Atlanta. My interest in show business started in 1967 when a movie was being shot in my town Calhoun at New Echota (a Cherokee Indian museum). The Movie was entitled "The Trail of Tears" starring Johnny Cash, a real thrill for me at six years old, I also developed an intense interest in country music as well as rock and roll from the 50's. My musical influences that made me even more interested in show business were Elvis Presley, Johnny Horton, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams Sr. And Jr., Marty Robbins, as well as many of today's current recording artists, such as fellow Georgians Alan Jackson and Travis Tritt, just to mention a few. My favorite actors are Burt Reynolds, Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, Chuck Norris but I also admire several actor's work which has lead to my desire to also be an actor.
I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps on December 5, 1978 with two tours of overseas duty under my belt, a career in the military was out of the question. So at the completion of my tour of duty with the Marines, it was off to Hollywood on January 22, 1982. After about a year, I started picking up extra work in major motion pictures such as Scarface, Karate Kid, Rhinestone, as well as TV Shows, commercials, music videos etc.
Between 1987 and 1994 I traveled from Las Vegas to Nashville and back to Los Angeles exploring all phases of the entertainment industry from acting, screen writing, song writing, producing etc. I have performed in talent shows in the following country and western clubs: The Palomino (Now Closed), D.J. Ranch in Long Beach, California and the Cowboy Palace in Chatsworth, California. From 1983 to 1985 I served as an assistant casting director with Casting Unlimited in Hollywood. In 1987 I had my own morning wake-up show where I impersonated various character and celebrity voices such as Mickey Mouse, Clint Eastwood, Jimmy Stewart, Yogi Bear as well as various others on W.Q.M.T. an FM radio station in Dalton, Georgia. Also from January to February 1995 I wrote, produced, and hosted 6 one half hour entertainment variety shows entitled Showbiz Highlights on cable channel 10 W.E.B.S., Calhoun, Georgia. Shortly after The 6th show of "Showbiz Highlights" I decided to relocate back to Hollywood in pursuit of an acting and screen writing career.
I've written 5 screenplays "West Bound 18 Wheeler", "The Idol", "Kung Fu Shoes", "Bad to the Bone", and "Beaver Moon" as well as a TV series concept entitled "Bright Light City"
I also produced a TV pilot that is a musical variety show entitled "The Street Singers" the pilot was written and directed by 7 time Emmy award winner David E. Durston (Who Passesd away May 2010) and Co-Produced with Jack Damon formerly the character Doctor Brown from the soap General Hospital. "The Street Singers" was awarded the Silver Award at the Philadelphia International Film Festival / International Association of Motion Picture and Television Producers Inc. I also hosted my own TV show in Las Vegas on K.Y.R.K. TV Channel 35 entitled "Las Vegas Singers Roundup" of which I was also the creator of the show, and at the same time created and hosted my own radio show in Las Vegas on K.L.A.V. 1230 AM entitled "Let's Talk Country Music".

I have also written over 30 country songs 5 of which I produced and recorded in Nashville on my album with the same title as the title track "Non Stop Flight" and have also written a book entitled "From Movie City to Music City USA" (My Journey Through Showbiz and How it Works.), and am currently working on a new book a western novel historical fiction blended with historical fact for the time set in 1858.
Entertainment Industry Experiences Bio
1983-1985 Assistant Casting Director, Casting Unlimited Hollywood.
1987-1987 Morning Wake up Show, W.Q.M.T. Radio Dalton, Georgia.
1994-1995 Produced and Hosted six ½ hour entertainment variety shows entitled. “Showbiz Highlights” on W.E.B.S. Cable Channel 10, Calhoun, Georgia.
1998-1998 Produced ½ hour musical variety TV pilot “Street Singers” .
2000- Won Silver Award for “ Street Singers” at Philadelphia International Film Festival.
2000- 6th Place winner GGM Song Contest 2000 for Original Song “Non Stop Flight”.2001-2002 Produced and Hosted Karaoke format TV Show, “ Las Vegas Singers Roundup” Las Vegas on K.Y.R.K. TV, Channel 35.
2001-2002 Produced and Hosted independent country music radio show, “Let’s Talk Country Music” K.L.A.V. 1230 AM, Las Vegas.
2001- ‘Las Vegas Singers Roundup” awarded Best Musical Show on K.Y.R.K. TV Channel 35.
2001- Nominated Songwriter of the Year, Tennessee Songwriters Association International.
2001- Released 10 song country album entitled “Non Stop Flight” of which I wrote 5 of the tracks on.
2002- Transportation Captain feature film entitled “The Drop” Starring John Savage and Sean Young.
2005- Produced DVD entitled “The Worm Biz” (A Guide to Worm Farming).
2007- Production Assistant Revealed video short S.Y.Y.P. Films, Atlanta. GA
2008- Producer “ The Sadie Special” Video Short S.Y.Y.P. Films, Atlanta, GA.
2008- Published Book entitled “ From Movie City to Music City USA”
2009- Member National Speakers Association Tennessee.
2009- Member Small Publishers Artist and Writers Network.
2009- Member National Writers Union UAW Local 1981 AFL/CIO
2010- Judge for the Independent Short Film, Music & Art Festival Long Beach California.
2010- Featured in Short Film entitled “Foreclosed”.
2011- Producer / Voice of Bobby Lee “Waiting For Ruby” Video Short S.Y.Y.P. Films, Atlanta, GA.
2012- Producer / Role of Mr. Fred “ Finally Free” TV Movie S.Y.Y.P. Films, Atlanta, GA.
2013- Role of Ned The Drunk / Stunt Performer “Loving Memory” Short Film S.Y.Y.P. Films, Atlanta, GA.
2014- Started Rutledge Media group Talent Agency & Production Company.
2016- Producer “A Peace Of Life” Short Film S.Y.Y.P. Films, Atlanta, GA
2016- 1st Place Winner International Music Software Trade Association Songwriting Competition Chicago
2017- Producer “The Other Side” Short Film S.Y.Y.P. Films, Atlanta, GA
BMI Affiliate Song Writer ,Voting Member- Academy of Country Music. Former voting Member – Country Music Association. Former Voting Member – Recording Industry Association of America RIAA / Grammy’s.

Name: Randall Rutledge

Lives in: Calhoun, Georgia

Company: Rutledge Media Group

Occupation: Actor, Author, Boom Operator, Casting Director, Content Creator, Location Scout, Manager, Producer, Production Assistant, Publisher, Screenwriter, Security Specialist, Singer, Songwriter, Stunt Performer and Transportation Coordinator


  • 1st Place International Music Software Trade Association Songwriting Competetion Chicago 07/23/2016

  • Silver Award for non air TV Pilot entitled The Street Singers


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