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By DC Pae

GENRE: Thriller

A small-time drug dealer is coaxed into accepting a private investigation job for rich reward only to find himself drawn into a world of political intrigue in high society New York.


Jackson is a small-time drug dealer living in a run down area of Brooklyn with his cohort; physics student, Pope, and short order chef, Amos. The three live a co-dependent lifestyle thrust together by proximity and hard times. Together, they develop an unlikely yet affable friendship.

When Spiewak, a fake fortune-teller, and her younger brother, Marshall, who suffers autoimmune deficiency move in across the street, an alliance is cast – the Charlatan Set is born.

Whilst filming a video on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Jackson is accosted by a well-heeled lawyer who asks him to surveil his wife, whom he believes to be cheating. Jackson cannot afford to turn down the money and accepts the proposal.

Stakeouts and dead leads ensue, and soon it becomes clear that the lawyer is not all he seems.

A surreptitious meeting between the lawyer and a high-powered senator, Senator Goldberg, at a dive bar in Jersey, rouses Jackson’s suspicions. Jackson’s indignation is further enflamed when the lawyer attempts to cheat him out of his fee – now he is tailing the lawyer rather than his wife.

Jackson uncovers a political scam at the highest level, between the lawyer and the senator that endangers his own life and the lives of his friends, and as he struggles with his conscience to leave the job, the promise of blackmail money beckons. The lawyer is wed to the daughter of a society scion. All Jackson must do is collect evidence of illicit dealings and he can demand all the money in the world in a threat to expose their devious plans and ill gotten gains.

The friends are in way over their heads; this cutthroat world of politics and law much bigger than they are, but time is running out for Marshall who is severely ill, the money is needed for his healthcare – they must get it at any cost.

Perhaps they can negotiate a mutually beneficial agreement with the lawyer and the senator. Perhaps they will wind up the in the cross hairs of a professional hit.

The lawyer is confronted with photographic evidence of his misdemeanours, yet still attempts to evade accountability. It is only when Jackson bugs Senator Goldberg’s hotel room and catches him with a prostitute that the game is up for them both. The senator’s reputation as a family man would never recover, his career would be destroyed, and so reluctantly they pay off the Charlatan Set – Marshall’s life is saved.

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