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By DC Pae

GENRE: Horror

A world famous flautist must choose between a glittering career and salvaging her relationship with her daughter, when the spirit of her ex-school friend vows revenge.


Roberta Brooks returns to her Alma Mater, the prestigious music academy that now bears her name, with her daughter Thea, who she hopes will follow in her famous footsteps, and who is destined to study at the school.

The academy master, Hans Fairchild, once her tutor, hopes that her glittering success as a flautist can bring star quality to the grand opening - a ball where she will make one of her much celebrated performances, to ensure the school’s continued prosperity.

Thea is befriended by her new roommate, but all is not as it appears. Her old friend Otis begins to notice a change in her behaviour, from carefree to serious, from laisez-faire to obsessed performer. She has no time for him anymore and a fissure in their relationship appears - The chasm almost as large as that growing between Thea and her mother. She is being isolated.

And there is a secret… A fire, an entity, consumed the school in 1989, claiming the life of Roberta’s childhood friend and subordinate, Lily, and which is all but forgotten by the living, but still stirs within the rejuvenated academy. Breathing, watching, waiting, within the walls.

A vengeful force; Intelligent, stalking, taunting, playing. It hopes to repay Roberta by destroying her relationship with her daughter by increment, obliterating her career and her mind in unison.

For what goes unsaid is that the power of Roberta’s performance is not her own, but is contained within a flute that both she and Lily found all those years ago in a secret room - that Roberta subsequently stole, and that Thea now has in her possession. It belongs here in the school and the entity wishes it returned now, along with Roberta’s soul.

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