Daren Donofrio

Daren Donofrio

Actor, Filmmaker, Producer, Production Assistant and Voice Actor

New York City, New York

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About Daren

As an on-camera & voiceover actor, I have been based in NYC for the past 4 years. Since my move to New York, I have secured strong lead and supporting roles in several independent films, commercials, video games, and on multiple TV networks. Most recently, I was the lead in a horror film produced by MTV which will integrate live and pre-recorded content via Facebook Livestream and the Periscope app; this will be the first project of its kind. I have also appeared in "Price For Freedom," an independent project starring Paul Sorvino ("Goodfellas"), Navid Negahban ("Homeland"), and Sally Kirkland (Academy Award nominee).



  • Sneaky Pete

    Sneaky Pete (2017)
    Television (Crime and Drama) Miscellaneous Crew After leaving prison, Marius takes cover from his past by assuming the identity of his cellmate, Pete. He moves in with Pete's long-estranged, unsuspecting family and is roped into the family's bail bond business. He's a criminal taking down other criminals. Written by Christopher Newby

  • Raven Pharaoh: City of Assassins

    Raven Pharaoh: City of Assassins (2016)
    Film (Short and Action) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Cries of the Unborn

    Cries of the Unborn (2016)
    Film (Drama) Actor Three pregnant women are kidnapped from abortion clinics and held for seven months until they all give birth. Seven years later, those who held the women have been arrested, admitting to their deeds. They have been brought to trial, and now the jury deliberates their fate. The kidnappers had video-taped the entire seven months that the women were held. In essence, during the trial the jurors had something presented to them that is so rare in the criminal justice system: they were able to watch the entire alleged crime as it unfolded... And what they ultimately learned - and will discuss in their deliberations - is that everyone involved in the matter (even two of the supposed kidnapped women) were conspirators in the alleged offense... Only one woman had actually been kidnapped... All the others were caught and tried... But did they actually commit a crime by holding this one woman for seven months - and saving the baby's life? All jurors immediately vote guilty-except one... What ... Written by AndyA

  • Viral Beauty

    Viral Beauty (2016)
    Film (Comedy and Romance) Actor After posting a brash dating ad online, Marsha Day is thrown into the limelight when Perez Hilton shares the video with his legion of followers. Becoming a viral hit, Marsha is scooped up by a talent manager who creates a hit online channel based on Marsha's life and shenanigans. But as Marsha gains fame and fortune, she is forced to wrestle with her sense of identity in a celebrity-obsessed world. Things become hotter and more complicated when she's wooed by a handsome fitness entrepreneur who challenges her ideas of a fairy tale romance. Starring real Youtubers and innovatively told, Viral Beauty is an innovative tech-comedy not to be missed.

  • Blue Bloods

    Blue Bloods (2016)
    Television (Crime and Drama) Actor Blue Bloods follows the lives of the NYPD's First Family of Law Enforcement: the Reagans. Frank, the Police Comissioner and son of former PC Henry Reagan, must balance his duties of running the largest police force in the world and being his kids' boss. His daughter Erin is an Assistant District Attorney, son Danny is a senior detective and fellow Marine Veteran, and new Harvard Law grad turned cop, Jamie all swirl through this family drama and passionately defend their city from harm. The Irish-American family is deeply rooted in their patriotism, passion, and love of family.

  • Grave Secrets

    Grave Secrets (2016)
    Television (Crime) Actor Add a Plot »

  • The Daily Show

    The Daily Show (2016)
    Television (Comedy, News and Talk-Show) Actor Providing comedy/news in the tradition of TV Nation and SNL's Weekend Update, Comedy Central's Daily Show reports on the foibles and of the real world with a satirical edge. In addition to news stories, the Daily Show also has celebrities (and semi-celebrities) on for interviews with the host, Trevor Noah. Lampooning everything from televangelists to Charlton Heston ("I did not play a homo in Ben-Hur"), and shamelessly assigning faux-news epithets ("Newt Gingrich: Giant Toddler") Kilborn, Winstead, and the crew actually manage to report some real news from time to time. Written by Sam Hayes <gshayes@mail.gwi.net>

  • The Perfect Murder

    The Perfect Murder (2014 - 2016)
    Television (Crime) Actor Add a Plot »

  • I'd Kill for You

    I'd Kill for You (2013 - 2016)
    Television (Crime and Drama) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Doctor Strange

    Doctor Strange (2016)
    Film by Scott Derrickson (Action, Adventure, Fantasy and Sci-Fi) Miscellaneous Crew Marvel's "Doctor Strange" follows the story of the talented neurosurgeon Doctor Stephen Strange who, after a tragic car accident, must put ego aside and learn the secrets of a hidden world of mysticism and alternate dimensions. Based in New York City's Greenwich Village, Doctor Strange must act as an intermediary between the real world and what lies beyond, utilising a vast array of metaphysical abilities and artifacts to protect the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Written by Marvel

  • Muscle

    Muscle (2016)
    Film (Short and Drama) Miscellaneous Crew Synopsis: AMANDA is married to CRAIG, a terminally ill man. She has been by his side, bathing and feeding him for the past seven years. She cares for him day in and day out, the weight of it all taking a toll on her life and her marriage. But their marriage was broken long before the disease, and those cracks have never gone away. Now, frayed by a life in stasis, Amanda realizes it's time to make a choice. A meeting with a stranger becomes Amanda's final chance to regain her hope. Written by Anonymous

  • We'll Always Have Paris

    We'll Always Have Paris (2015)
    Film (Short and Mystery) Actor Add a Plot »

  • American Genius

    American Genius (2015)
    Television (Documentary and History) Actor Documentaries about great American thinkers, and how their ideas have changed the world.

  • Price for Freedom

    Price for Freedom (2015)
    Film (Drama) Actor Search Hoboken Film festival Middletown NY to see the trailer.

  • Unraveled

    Unraveled (2015)
    Television (Crime) Actor People do the most outrageous things once they've reached their boiling point, even violent things that can't be taken back

  • Freeheld

    Freeheld (2015)
    Film (Biography, Drama and Romance) Miscellaneous Crew New Jersey police lieutenant, Laurel Hester, and her registered domestic partner, Stacie Andree, both battle to secure Hester's pension benefits when she is diagnosed with terminal cancer.

  • Dead of Night

    Dead of Night (2014)
    Television (Crime) Actor A show about mysterious murders and the investigations of them.

  • On the Case with Paula Zahn

    On the Case with Paula Zahn (2014)
    Television (Documentary and Crime) Actor Emmy award winning Journalist Paula Zahn steps out of the studio and into the field to unravel criminal investigations, tracking the drama of each story featuring those closest to the case including lawyers, detectives, the victim's family and the convicted murderer themselves. Written by reidjack02

  • Mysteries at the Museum

    Mysteries at the Museum (2014)
    Television (Documentary and Mystery) Actor The stories behind interesting and unusual artifacts stored in museums are told.

  • My Dirty Little Secret

    My Dirty Little Secret (2014)
    Television (Documentary) Actor A docudrama that profiles individuals who go to great lengths to hide the skeletons in their closets.

  • The Blacklist

    The Blacklist (2013)
    Television (Crime, Drama, Mystery and Thriller) Actor A highly articulate, erudite and intelligent businessman and mastermind, "Red" Reddington, has allegedly been on the "10 Most Wanted List" of various U.S. law enforcement agencies for over 20 years. The legend is that Red is as elusive as he is clever, controlling a labyrinth of creative enterprises, coupled with uncanny ability to gather and finesse information at the drop of a hat. On the first day at FBI for a new female profiler fresh out of Quantico, Red offers to bandy wits with the FBI. Red promises to deliver various criminals and plots previously unknown to any branch of law enforcement... and all Red requests in return is to choose his muse. Written by LA-Lawyer

  • Highly Specialized, Highly Committed

    Highly Specialized, Highly Committed (2013)
    Film (Drama) Actor In Highly Specialized, Highly Committed, you have the chance to take a lead role in one of three interactive movies. Each movie is designed to expose you to challenging situations that asses your decision making in the areas of honorable service, esprit de corps, suicide prevention and many others. You will need to make the most appropriate ethical and moral decisions based on real-life situations and you will see the results of those choices played out in a continuous dramatic story line.

  • Dates from Hell

    Dates from Hell (2013)
    Television (Documentary and Crime) Actor New series profiles stories where the search for the love of your life turns into a fight to the death.

  • Deadly Devotion

    Deadly Devotion (2013)
    Television (Crime) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Regression

    Regression (2012)
    Film (Short, Adventure, Drama and Sci-Fi) Actor "The world as you know it is going to end today" was the message left by flavor of the month and contemporary revolutionary "Pierre Robes" in war torn 2013 right before "The Blackout" occurred. The event where all the world's electronics mysteriously stopped working: cell phones, televisions, cars, computers... everything. Fast forward three months, and with power still not returned, gangs have risen, violence has spiked, and psychosis continues to spread like wildfire across younger generations. Now, when Leon Cromwell, former software engineer turned renegade, realizes batteries still work in this world void of power, he sets himself on an ambitious journey to find out exactly what caused this event by means of deciphering a message mysteriously feeding to his radio. When he realizes the message is from Pierre Robes, the man who predicted The Blackout, his search earns focus. Eventually, Leon learns that Robes has taken over one of the municipal buildings of a nearby town and sets ... Written by Randy Troy

  • Holy Knight

    Holy Knight (2012)
    Film (Animation, Drama, Fantasy, Romance and 1 More) Actor Shinta is a student at an elite university in Tokyo, leading an ordinary and peaceful life. One day he meets Lilith, a beautiful girl from Romania who has just transferred to the school. This encounter changes Shinta's life, as he soon finds out that he is the last in a long line of vampire slayers; and Lilith is, in fact, a vampire--his eternal foe! In order for Lilith to live on, she must conceive a child with the slayer, and then kill them both and bathe in their blood. Faced with their inevitable destiny, what does the future hold?

  • Z

    Z (2011)
    Film (Short, Drama, Horror and Romance) Actor Years after the Zombie Apocalypse, a recently awoken undead man searches through wooded areas, memories, and hallucinations while attempting to find something lost in this small-scale-epic perspective piece commenting on love, friendship, and betrayal told directly through the Zombies eyes. Written by anonymous

  • The Good Hand

    The Good Hand (2011)
    Film (Short) Actor Roman, a poker player in his mid-twenties, hosts a poker game at his house with his long-time friends Dom and Jimmy. Needing an additional player, Jimmy brings his friend Billy. Suspicious of the newcomer, Roman and Dom interrogate Jimmy about his connection to Billy, only to find out that Jimmy met him at a poker game just a week earlier. After losing a hand to Billy, Dom goes to fetch an additional wad of cash from his car but finds that it is missing. Chaos ensues as Dom becomes hell-bent on weeding out the thief that stole his money. Written by Anonymous

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