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By James B Brandt

GENRE: Action, Adventure, Crime
LOGLINE: Islamic terrorist cells have united and are supplied by ex-IRA members. THOMAS BRADY, a notorious IRA enforcer now working for Britain's Special Branch, is tasked to find the force behind the violence. He is too well-known among the IRA so he enlists the help of his goddaughter, MEGAN AIDEEN... a woman who hates him.


It is a cool, clear morning in London. A few boats are moving along the Thames, school busses are taking children on field trips, people are going to work. But our attention is on a small motor launch plying the Thames. Police patrol boats and a helicopter converge on the launch but before they reach it... the boat EXPLODES, taking the helicopter and two patrol boats along. MEGAN AIDEEN is having a bad day. It is raining and difficult to handle the grocery bags and an umbrella. She manages to get into the house and is more than surprised to find THOMAS BRADY waiting for her. Thomas, her godfather, was an IRA enforcer. After her father was killed in action, Thomas quit the movement and began working as a trainer for various terrorist organizations. But he was caught in a tight spot and the British recruited him to assist in anti-terrorist investigations. For both acts, Megan feels betrayed, hurt and abandoned. She is not happy to see him and not inclined to listen to his request for aid in finding the head of the new terrorist organization. But fate takes a hand. Megan and a girlfriend are nearby when a terrorist group attacks a Jewish Museum, killing the children there for a play. She calls Thomas. That night, disguised as a bible thumping elderly woman, Thomas takes Megan out to dinner, where she agrees on a plan to put her in contact with the suppliers and maybe get a lead on the buyer. She meets with the suspected dealer, pretending to be a buyer herself, and they set a time for her to inspect the goods. But before the meeting, there is a devastating daytime attack on kids playing soccer and a bus bombing at a high-profile Catholic wedding. Then, the night they inspect the weapons, they are raided by Scotland Yard and Megan is wounded. Thomas, upset over what may have been an internal power grab, whisks Megan off to a private farm where he tends her wound. He is half a mind to pull her out, but when she says she wants to quit the next morning, he surprises her by agreeing. What he doesn't tell her is that he just learned that his boss at the agency was just attacked in his car, his driver killed and his assistant gravely injured. Megan finds out about the attack and tries to reach Thomas, but he has gone off the grid. Frustrated, she contacts the agency and is put through to the director - Thomas' boss. She tells him what happened and that she is worried that Thomas will do something foolish. In fact, she is sure of it. Despite the severe thunderstorm, she heads out to the Warehouse where the arms deal is going down to see what she can do to provide back-up before the Special Branch can arrive in force. Using a sniper rifle, she eliminates the outside guards, taking a shot with each clap of thunder. She boldly walks into warehouse where she finds Thomas, dressed as a Saudi Sheik, held captive. She accuses him of setting up the bust at the docks where she was wounded, but in the process tips him off to be ready to move with the thunder. Megan makes her move and there is a fierce fight that ends when Thomas is injured buy a hand grenade. But the delay iss enough to allow the Special Branch to arrive, seconds before Thomas is eliminated and Megan tortured. The arms delivery is foiled, but the buyer remains a mystery. Thomas is whisked off for emergency surgery and the Special Branch makes a go at enlisting a very staunch Irish Nationalist into its service.

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