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By Greg Derochie

GENRE: Mystery, Sci-fi

A man with no memory of his real life embarks on a dangerous journey to escape from an elegant, virtual hotel and unmask the secret of who he is, why he's there, and his ultimate destiny.


The Masquerade is a science fiction mystery about the search for freedom and identity, in the tradition of movies like The Matrix, Shutter Island, and The Adjustment Bureau.

The story begins with an inquisitive man known only as MISTER FOX, who finds himself trapped with 500 guests in an elegant masquerade ball at a luxury hotel. He struggles with repressed memories that a woman at the party named MISS DOE is really his wife. Standing in his way is the mysterious HOST, keeping his guests in the dark while they enjoy the pleasures of the hotel between repeating sleep cycles. Each time Fox awakens he has no memory of the previous cycle. Will he and Doe find each other again? Why are they trapped in this gilded cage? Who or what controls their destiny?

The tone of The Masquerade is mysterious and slightly surreal, like a classic Twilight Zone episode, with a romantic subplot driving the main character toward his goal. While the protagonist struggles through an existential nightmare, the film ends on a positive note of reconnection and renewal.


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