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By Larry Stanley

GENRE: Drama
LOGLINE: After 20 years in prison convicted Sex Offender Gus Wilson returns to the small Texas Town that he wronged long ago. When the news of his return hits the locals an innocent hell breaks loose


Gus wants to make things right but will the town forgive him? Gus faces the trials and tribulations of a new convict back in society. Finding Christ in prison was only the beginning for Gus. Now he must convince his hostile home town that he is a reformed man. As Gus interacts with society he feels the constant judgmental eyes of the town. Gus' victim Mark is now an adult. As Mark is forced to face his abuser he struggles inside. With Gus back in town Mark is forced to deal with his past demons that he hasn't been able to let go of. Due to what happen twenty years ago Mark's family life is also a constant struggle. As his wife Crystal and Brother Luke challenge Mark to deal with his issues he continues to run away. Crystal begs Mark to find religion and focus on their marriage for their daughter Mary. However Mark can't figure out a way to let go of his disturbing childhood memories

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