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By Martin Yewchuk

GENRE: Comedy

LOVE ALL! a comedy set in Sebastopol, California, where snobby, wealthy wine makers and never-normal hemp wearing hippies coexist in prosperity and oneness. When the elite private tennis club is forced to admit new members, the two factions are on a collision course, with neither side willing to play "nice" any longer.


Two strong and determined women coexisting in the same town, find their two very different worlds colliding when circumstances force them to face off over the future of their local tennis club.

Tiffany Albright has created her perfect world; a big house, a wealthy lifestyle and a life outside her home; at the Bennett Valley Tennis Club. The club is a veritable enclave, set in the beautiful Northern California wine country; whose members, the "Winos," have enjoyed many years of favoured existence, their environment seemingly unchanged and unfettered by the outside world. The impeccable grounds, elite clientele and the homogeneousness of the members are very out of place among the Montessori schools, Farmer’s Markets, marijuana dispensaries and vegan eateries that serve the hippie portion of the population.

Tiffany, self-appointed club matriarch, vets all new members; only those she approves of make the grade. Tiffany’s husband, Ben, could care less about who joins, as long as he gets to play with his cronies and do business at the club.

Windspirit possesses Great Nurturing Mother energy towards her family, her community and the Earth; nobody is left out or underappreciated on her watch. She and her husband Wolf own an international herbal tea company and are leaders in their own community, the "Hippies." Windspirit practices love and tolerance, compassion and community. She believes in making a positive impact on the world through mindful living, practicing acceptance and respecting others.

When the tennis club goes bankrupt, the County assumes responsibility of its operation, turning the once exclusive club inside out. It is now a "free for all", resulting in turmoil for the Winos and hope for the Hippies. Tiffany and her friends do whatever they can to discourage new people from joining, but they just keep coming! Soon, the pool and grounds are overrun with naked toddlers, skateboarders, and pot smokers in the sauna, not to mention the etiquette violations on the courts!

Windspirit jumps in to assist the club in it’s transition, with compassion and commitment, in hopes of making the tennis club a true community gathering place, where all walks of life can be accepted and respected. This places her on a direct collision course with Tiffany and her group who want everything to return to the status quo.

As tensions mount and even the least bit of tolerance disappears at the club, it comes to light that Tiffany is behind a scheme to take over complete control of the club and kick the Hippies to the curb. The feeling is mutual as the Hippies call for an ouster of the Winos. Tensions reach a breaking point with the cops being called to officiate matches and intervene in disputes!

The solution is presented in the form of a wager; winners take over the club and the losers go away with nothing. The format is a five-match affair, with Wolf and Windspirit facing Tiffany and Ben in the final showdown. Through some seemingly Divine Intervention, Wolf and Windspirit win the match. Though the Hippies extend an invitation for the Winos to remain members of the club, the rift seems too wide to be bridged.

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