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About Louisa

I'm a New Yorker, grew up a latch key kid in the Bronx. As an only child of a hardworking, single-mom, I found escape in early 80s television. Inspired to become a storyteller and performer, I dedicated myself to learning the ins-and-outs of performance art and comedy. In pursuit, I received a Bachelor’s Fine Arts degree from Syracuse University, dove into voice, dance and acting. Never wanting to travel the soul crushing road of hot cocktail waitress and singing telegram deliverer, which embarrassingly enough, I have, I leaped into the often sporadic world of touring musicals and was fortunate enough to work on and off Broadway, perform in many national tours, regional tours, Rock & Roll tours and regional theaters. As if I wasn't enough of a glutton for punishment, I traded one transient pursuit for the ever elusive craft of screen and tv writing, immersing myself in workshops and FREE production work just to catch up to my film school attending counterparts. My first short film, which I wrote, produced, and starred in, was accepted into 5 film festivals across the US and even won Best Comedy. That bug bite swelled a passion for writing, producing and now directing that propelled me to leap into the very deep and dark caverns of Hollywood with the intention of creating stories that resonate with the world, or would at least get my family to value my life choices. When I'm not homeschooling and gaming with my 7 year old twins, I'm writing with a vengeance! And creating content for the web. And falling asleep on my husband after an exhausting day of creative expression.

My lates short "Our Tent" won BEST US DRAMA at the SFIFF, won MOST VIEWED at the Mom Film Festival, was accepted into The Beverly Hills Film Festival's 20th Anniversary last year however it was cancel due to covid19 as well as a finalist in Dances With Films. It also received an Honorable Mention to the Santa Monica Film Festival 2021. I'm so proud of my cast and crew.

For ongoing projects check out the Mommyland Diaries facebook page for snit bits of fun.

Unique traits: Former Radio City Rockette, Recovering Candy addict.



  • Growing Humans

    Growing Humans Comedy A popular trash news talkshow host dodges her husbands overwhelming need to procreate, and a manic, revenge seeking colleague, to become a respected news journalist.

  • Sex, Love, Therapy

    Sex, Love, Therapy Comedy An accomplished Psychologist, smacked with a career ending imbroglio, enters a battle royal with her overbearing mother to finding her own voice and salvage the family name.

  • The Charge

    The Charge Thriller Drama A former Marine widow and mother of four, working 3 jobs and struggling to keep her Teenage stepson on the straight and narrow is shocked with evidence that her army husband is still alive.

  • Triple Net

    Triple Net Drama A hard-edged Black woman in a white male-dominated Real Estate firm must check her own prejudices and win deals to carve out her place in the executive ranks, and investigate a plot to kill her father.

  • Oreo Girls

    Oreo Girls Drama An inner city black teen, shuffled across town to an all white catholic high school, struggles to fit in among either group.


  • Our Tent

    Our Tent (2020)
    Film Writer/Director

  • It's Complicated

    It's Complicated (2018)
    TV Series Second Unit Director or Assistant Director

  • The Road Within

    The Road Within (2014)
    Film (Comedy and Drama) Actress The Road Within is about Vincent, a young man suffering from Tourette Syndrome. His mother dies so his estranged father, Robert, is forced to step in. However, Robert's running for political office and doesn't want his son on the campaign trail - so Robert puts Vincent in a clinic that's run by the unconventional Dr. Mia Rose. Once there, Vincent falls in love with an anorexic woman named Marie. Together, they steal Dr. Rose's car, and end up having to kidnap his OCD roommate, Alex, when he threatens to tell on them. With Robert and Dr. Rose in hot pursuit, Vincent, Marie and Alex go on a life changing road trip to deliver the ashes of his mother to the ocean. Written by Anonymous

  • Comedy Divas Presents: Oh No He Didn't

    Comedy Divas Presents: Oh No He Didn't (2013)
    Television (Comedy) Actress Add a Plot »

  • The Real Basketball Wives

    The Real Basketball Wives (2012)
    Film by Comedy Divas (Short) Actress Add a Plot »

  • Celeste & Jesse Forever

    Celeste & Jesse Forever (2012)
    Film (Comedy, Drama and Romance) Actress Celeste and Jesse have been best friends forever. They dated in high school, got married, and now they're getting divorced. Their best friends don't think they can maintain their friendship throughout the dissolution of their marriage, but Celeste and Jesse don't think there will be a problem. But that's before Jesse gets into a relationship that Celeste doesn't think he can handle, and Celeste finds it harder to move on than she originally thought. Written by napierslogs

  • Cohabitation

    Cohabitation (2010)
    Video (Comedy and Short) Actress/Writer/Producer A Mocumentary about three couples who sign on to be part of a documentary film on cohabitation in addition to or in lieu of marriage. The psychiatrist sets out to film the couples and get an honest view of co-habitating, however the couples view the sessions as therapy and the folly of their lives and dysfunction send the film shoot on a downward spiral threatening to put an end to the film project all together. Written by Anonymous

  • Eyes to See

    Eyes to See (2010)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actress A news cameraman covering the Haiti earthquake must choose between doing his job and helping the victims he encounters. Inspired by the writer/director's personal involvement with the Haitian relief effort right after the earthquake.

  • Becoming Pony Boi

    Becoming Pony Boi (2009)
    Film (Comedy) Actress From Hollywood Geek, to the Hugh Hefner of Hip Hop. The comedic journey of the most famous rap superstar you've never heard of. Hollywood director Jackie Stein, decides to live out his childhood dream of becoming a rap superstar. In the vein of This is Spinal Tap, we follow his journey as he transforms himself from Hollywood geek, to the Hugh Hefner of Hip Hop called Pony Boi. Pony Boi makes an album, a video featuring Dabrat, gets more women than he imagined and lives his dream, but at what cost? We see Pony Boi transform from corporate everyday guy into pumped up, tattooed, slang speaking Rap artist getting swept up in the music scene, it's fans and the chaotic journey it takes to become famous. During Jackie Stein's transformation into a rapper Pony Boi, Amy Weber (his loyal longtime girlfriend) is completely unaware of his new persona, or even his location. Amy, as well as his parents Rita and Len Stein, thinks he's off writing another movie in New York. His new found fame and fan... Written by 7ponies

  • Vegan 101

    Vegan 101 (2009)
    Television (Comedy) Actress Sketches about taking the Vegan lifestyle to extremes, consisting of exaggerated parodies of veganism from all walks of life in various situations through stand alone sketches to combine humor and vegan knowledge.

  • Seven Pounds

    Seven Pounds (2008)
    Film (Drama and Romance) Actress Haunted by a secret, Ben Thomas looks for redemption by radically transforming the lives of seven people he doesn't know. Once his plan is set, nothing will be able to stop him. At least that's what he thinks. But Ben hadn't planned on falling in love with one of these people and she's the one who will end up transforming him. Written by Happy_Evil_Dude

  • Corpse Run

    Corpse Run (2008)
    Film (Comedy and Drama) Actress A coming of age story about video games and their affect on the current twenty-something generation.

  • The Young and the Restless

    The Young and the Restless (2007 - 2008)
    Television (Drama) Actress Set in Genoa City, Wisconsin, The Young And The Restless is the thirty-year-old soap that centres on the saga between two wealthy families (the Newmans and the Abbotts) in the cosmetics industry. Head of the Newman clan is Victor Newman, the arrogant, cavorting billionaire and his wife Nikki; and running the Abbott show is Jack Abbott, the irresponsible, playboy CEO and his sister Ashley. Most of the show is centred on the competition between the two companies: Victor's Newman Enterprises and the Abbotts' Jabot. Written by Josh

  • Medium

    Medium (2008)
    Television (Crime, Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi and 1 More) Actress Allison Dubois works in the Phoenix District Attorney's office. She uses her psychic abilities to help crack criminal cases. Her dreams often give her clues to the whereabouts of missing people, and by touching someone she often gets to see beneath the facade into the person's soul. Allison juggles this stressful job with her role as wife and mother of three children, including a daughter who seems to be developing similar powers. Written by Ron Kerrigan <mvg@whidbey.com>

  • Carpoolers

    Carpoolers (2008)
    Television (Comedy) Actress A group of guys who carpool to work together from their suburban homes.

  • Till We Stop Having Fun

    Till We Stop Having Fun (2007)
    Film (Comedy and Short) Actress/Writer/Producer Willa Renee Brackett couldn't make a decision if her life depended on it; from the right outfit to the right job or even the right boyfriend. But when her perfect on paper boyfriend Jordan sets up the perfect morning of pampering, she feels like finally everything is...perfect. That is, until her best friend Caroline Pohl gets overly excited at Willa finally finding "the one" sending Willa into a whirlwind of panic and fear. Til We Stop Having Fun is an indecisive romantic comedy about life with, but preferably without, commitment. Written by Louisa Kendrick

  • Hugs

    Hugs (2007)
    TV Movie (Action and Biography) Actress Add a Plot »

  • Dirty Sexy Money

    Dirty Sexy Money (2007)
    Television (Drama) Actress A lawyer is forced to take care of one of New York City's wealthiest families.

  • Jimmy Buffett: Live at Wrigley Field - The Labor Day Weekend Shows

    Jimmy Buffett: Live at Wrigley Field - The Labor Day Weekend Shows (2006)
    Video (Music) Miscellaneous Crew Add a Plot »

  • Standoff

    Standoff (2006)
    Television (Crime, Drama, Romance and Thriller) Actress There's no crisis situation they can't handle... unless it involves each other. Matt Flannery and Emily Lehman are the top-ranked negotiators in the FBI's Crisis Negotiation Unit (CNU). They're trained to talk their way through volatile situations. They're experts at knowing what makes other people tick. They're also sleeping together... a secret that they agreed to keep to themselves, until Matt revealed it to the entire world during a tense hostage standoff. The public revelation causes friction between Matt, who doesn't take much seriously and relies on gut instinct, and Emily, an academic who analyzes every move. Their relationship also gets them into major trouble with their boss, Cheryl Carrera, head of the Los Angeles CNU, and raises eyebrows among their CNU colleagues, including intelligence officer Lia Mathers. While Matt and Emily should be split up for being romantically involved, they're too valuable as a team. Together, they're among the best in their field; Cheryl knows ... Written by Anonymous

  • Close to Home

    Close to Home (2006)
    Television (Drama) Actress Close to Home is a legal drama that tears away the facade of suburbia to reveal that sometimes quiet and tranquil streets can hide the darkest of crimes. Annabeth Chase is a young, aggressive prosecutor with a perfect conviction record who tries the cases that come out of her own neighborhood. Returning to work after having her first child, Annabeth is ready to take on the most difficult cases, fueled by her passion to protect her community and her family. Challenging Annabeth's legal strategies is her new boss, Maureen Scofield, a no-nonsense lawyer not afraid to push her hard. Leading the team is Steve Sharpe, who is one of Annabeth's biggest supporters but is concerned about how her cases will play in the media. Annabeth's husband, Jack, is devoted to their family and is a rock for her to lean on when the challenges of her job start to infringe on their home life. Written by SoMeONe

  • Millicent & me and The Apple Tree

    Millicent & me and The Apple Tree
    Second Unit Director or Assistant Director


  • Best Comedy - Till We Stop Having Fun - San Diego Black Film Festival

  • Outstanding Guest Actress in Web Series-Vegan 101-LA Web Fest


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