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West Ramsey

Actor, Photographer (Still), Production Assistant and Voice Artist

Portland, Oregon

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Actor & photographer with a twisted sense of humor, a love of animals, horror & sci-fi movies, road trips, the outdoors and earthing.

Unique traits: Fx Make-up Model, Green-screen, ADR, Still photographer


  • Truffle Runners

    Truffle Runners (2016)
    Film by Geoff Crenshaw (Comedy) Actor Steve and Gene have to deliver an expensive box of stolen chocolates to a notoriously violent gangster. Everything is going according to plan until Gene's wife mistakenly assumes the box is a romantic gift from Gene, and eats all of the chocolates. Written by Jock Brewster

  • Portlingrad

    Portlingrad (2016)
    Film by Randy Shadowalker Actor Strangers from all walks of life need to work together for survival after a surprise military invasion of the west coast by the Chinese government. They have come to claim it as their own property as a trade off for the multi trillion dollar debt owed to them by the United States. The people of Portland must overcome their fear and mistrust of one another if they are to have any hope of victory. Written by Under Story Productions

  • Now Open

    Now Open (2015)
    Film by Derek Willis (Short) Actor Competition is tough when legal pot dispensaries open up in Portland.

  • Fantastic

    Fantastic (2015)
    Film by Vincent Gargiulo (Short, Comedy and Music) Actor Balloon men, crazed composers, horny history teachers, poets trapped in experimental film cliches, talking donuts, the Hawaiian Wizard of Oz, and OTHER THINGS are set amongst some of the greatest (and rarest) classical pieces of all time in this live-action parody of Disney's 'Fantasia.'

  • Try to Find It

    Try to Find It (2015)
    Film by Laurie Gabriel (Short and Comedy) Actor Two best friends stumble into a new business adventure. Join Fred and Luke as they discover what it takes to be successful.

  • 10 Days in a Madhouse

    10 Days in a Madhouse (2014)
    Film by Timothy Hines/Pendragon Pictures Grand Jury Foreman

  • Les Femmes Demon

    Les Femmes Demon (2014)
    Film by Jason Rudy/Desperate Visions Adria's Father

  • The Wrath of Tri-Clops

    The Wrath of Tri-Clops (2014)
    Film (short) by Johnny Bilson/Fourth Moon Productions Ark

  • Squat

    Squat (2014)
    Film by Jeff Butler/Slugshot Films Lenny

  • Krimi

    Krimi (2014)
    Film by Bob Moricz/Bob Moricz Audio Visual Thug

  • The Suicide Pact

    The Suicide Pact (2014)
    Film by Jason Hawkins/Gravestone Entertainment Police Officer

  • No Where To Go

    No Where To Go (2014)
    Film (short) by Peter Smith/Vivid Frame Media Dad

  • Animal House

    Animal House (2014)
    Television by Rebecca Rodriguez/Animal Time TV Still Photographer

  • The Last Kind

    The Last Kind (2014)
    Film by Nathan M. Narain Dr. John Hayes

  • Predatory Lender

    Predatory Lender (2014)
    Film by Evertis S. Wright (Comedy, Crime and Horror) Actor Predatory Lender is a dark thriller that follows the exploits of a psychopathic real estate agent who is as cold and deceptive in business as he is in the pursuit of his beautiful young prey.

  • The Survival Guy

    The Survival Guy (2014)
    Television (Comedy) Actor

  • My Grandfather's Clock

    My Grandfather's Clock (2013)
    Film (short) by Dennis Curry/E* Productions Grandfather

  • Badass Monster Killer

    Badass Monster Killer (2013)
    Film by Darin Wood/Trash Film Orgy Roach Hogan

  • Mondo Sacramento II

    Mondo Sacramento II (2013)
    Film by Jason Rudy/Desperate Visions George Willgues

  • Wives with Knives

    Wives with Knives (2013)
    Television (Crime and Drama) Actor Criminal Behavior Analyst, Casey Jordan, interviews women who have been accused and/or charged with stabbing their spouses or boyfriends. The viewer sees an interview with the accused women and a reenactment of the alleged history of the relationship. Written by Miranda Ledbetter

  • A Dinner Conversation in 3 Acts

    A Dinner Conversation in 3 Acts (2013)
    Film by Jon Mercurio Knight (Short and Drama) Actor Four family heads are summoned from across the country to come have dinner with the head boss and discuss important recent events.

  • The Long Slow Burn

    The Long Slow Burn (2013)
    Film by Josh Pierson (Short, Crime and Drama) Actor A hired Hitman finds his sense of reality being tested as his lonely sleepless nights grow greater and greater, pushing his sleep deprived mind into a whirlwind of doubt and uneasiness, causing the carefulness he once showed so well to diminish. Written by Anonymous

  • Complications

    Complications (2013)
    Film by Chris Hambright (Short and Horror) Actor

  • 10 Hours State of Emergency

    10 Hours State of Emergency (2013)
    Film by Edna Albano (Short, Action, Drama and War) Actor 10 Hours State of Emergency is a short film that convey the struggle of Islam culture, their belief, passion, faith and religion. Its a fast faced action and suspenseful movie that no one ever see. It has its own originality based of what going on around nation fighting against nation sacrificing their faith and belief and religion. A movie that must see by everyone! Written by Edna Albano

  • S.I.N.

    S.I.N. (2013)
    Film by Christa Bella (Short) Actor

  • The Final Round

    The Final Round (2013)
    Film by Paul Kramer (Short, Drama and Sport) Actor An aging, down-on-his-luck boxer, gives himself one last shot to make his dreams come true.

  • Mondo Sacramento 2

    Mondo Sacramento 2 (2013)
    Film by Jason Rudy (Crime, History and Horror) Actor Mondo Sacramento 2 features 6 true tales from Sacramento's seedy underground. Mondo Sacramento 2 is a film that is part true crime reenactment/Mondo film/Docudrama, all filmed in Sacramento at many of the actual locations. Lynn Lowry stars as Dorothea Puente- The boarding house killer. The other 5 stories feature the Gallego couple killings, the Karen G. story, The attempted assassination of President Ford, along with 2 more strange tales. Mondo Sacramento 2 is the sequel to Mondo Sacramento. All Crazy and all based on true stories. Written by Jason Rudy

  • Futurestates

    Futurestates (2013)
    Television (Sci-Fi) Actor Imagining tomorrow's America today, FUTURESTATES is a series of independent mini-features - short narrative films created by established filmmakers and emerging talents transforming today's complex social issues into visions about what life in America will be like in decades to come. Written by Anonymous

  • Fruitvale Station

    Fruitvale Station (2013)
    Film by Ryan Coogler (Biography, Drama and Romance) Actor This is the true story of Oscar, a 22-year-old Bay Area resident who wakes up on the morning of December 31, 2008 and feels something in the air. Not sure what it is, he takes it as a sign to get a head start on his resolutions: being a better son to his mother, whose birthday falls on New Year's Eve, being a better partner to his girlfriend, who he hasn't been completely honest with as of late, and being a better father to T, their beautiful 4 year old daughter. He starts out well, but as the day goes on, he realizes that change is not going to come easy. He crosses paths with friends, family, and strangers, each exchange showing us that there is much more to Oscar than meets the eye. But it would be his final encounter of the day, with police officers at the Fruitvale BART station that would shake the Bay Area to its very core, and cause the entire nation to be witnesses to the story of Oscar Grant. Written by The Weinstein Company

  • SacFaddy

    SacFaddy (2013)
    Television (Reality-TV) Camera and Electrical Department

  • Jimmy Attitude

    Jimmy Attitude (2012)
    Film by Tyler Zurcher (Short, Crime, Drama and History) Actor Third generation brewer Jimmy Ruhstaller has been left with the task of carrying on the family brewery Ruhstaller Brewing Company during Prohibition. He and his partner Hank Eliott are forced into difficult times not knowing who to trust and if they will survive the challenges they face brewing and delivering beer illegally. Written by Anonymous

  • Smosh

    Smosh (2012)
    Television by Anthony Padilla (Comedy, Fantasy and Sci-Fi) Actor Two hilarious guys put on different sketch comedy performances for the masses to enjoy.

  • A Fractured Life

    A Fractured Life (2012)
    Film by Luke David (Drama, Family and Romance) Actor A life torn apart by loss, David is given a choice to rise up out of the shadows, or to continue spiraling into darkness. His future hangs on this choice.

  • KNFR from 7:00-7:30

    KNFR from 7:00-7:30 (2012)
    Film by Vincent Gargiulo (Short and Comedy) Actor The children's variety show, "Wizzy & Friends", along with some vintage commercials & promos.

  • Dam California

    Dam California (2012)
    Film by Isaac Piche (Action and Drama) Actor Michael Rodriquez comes home from 2 tours of combat duty to find his hometown on the brink of self-destruction. A corrupt politician has sold out his small farming town to an evil corporation (Poseidon) controlling most of the county, and the states water. The starving community is collapsing, while the corporation buys up their land. The political shield behind Poseidon's death grip on water is a small, endangered fish. Poseidon uses the fish to leverage the congressional consent to construct 3 brand new dams. This only motivates a beautiful biologist by the name of Meghan Conner's to find a way to save the fish and transplant them, removing them from the endangered species list and taking away Poseidon's powers. Written by Anonymous

  • Clothing Not Optional

    Clothing Not Optional (2012)
    Film by Justin Buettner (Short and Comedy) Actor A man has to overcome his illness of Vestiphobia in hopes of obtaining a normal relationship, but can he?

  • I (Almost) Got Away with It

    I (Almost) Got Away with It (2012)
    Television by Scott Stabile (Documentary and Crime) Actor Murders, drug dealers, bank robbers or jail escapees. The stories are different, but the motive is always the same: to stay out of prison. See what pushed these fugitives to their crimes, how they changed their identities, evaded the law and - almost - got away with it. Written by Toby Padilla

  • Area 49

    Area 49 (2012)
    Television by Jason Michael Fong (Action, Comedy, Horror and Sci-Fi) Actor Special Agents Chan and Cooper investigate a Code 626.

  • Ninja See, Ninja Do

    Ninja See, Ninja Do (2012)
    Film by Vinnie Langdon III (Short and Comedy) Actor

  • Millennium Apocalypse 2: The Dark Inside You

    Millennium Apocalypse 2: The Dark Inside You (2012)
    Television (Crime and Mystery) Actor Jordan carries on with her life trying to help other children with abilities like hers, when a rash of murders begin to happen that seem to be connected to some of her students.

  • Mondo Sacramento

    Mondo Sacramento (2012)
    Film by Jason Rudy (Biography, Crime, History, Horror and 1 More) Actor Three tales from Sacramento's lurid past.

  • Genesis

    Genesis (2012)
    Film by DeVaughn Keys (Short, Mystery, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Actor Dr. Adam Greyson wakes up in a room with amnesia. He finds himself trapped with an active time bomb and must uncover clues in his past to escape.

  • A Million Dollars

    A Million Dollars (2011)
    Film by Robert D. Parham (Short and Comedy) Actor

  • Dead End

    Dead End (2011)
    Film by Michael Sorensen (Horror) Actor

  • Lunatic Messiah

    Lunatic Messiah (2011)
    Film by Monty W. Maxwell (Horror) Actor In a world where media is GOD, one man fights to survive the collapse of society and his personal demons. Haunted by his past and pursued by the relentless toxic agents lead by Agent Shades. Bobby Battle stands alone against Government Conspiracies, the infestation of a strange new insect and the constant influence of the Lunatic Messiah Written by Anonymous

  • Flatline

    Flatline (2011)
    Film by Justin Buettner (Short and Thriller) Actor

  • Help Wanted

    Help Wanted (2010)
    Film by Waylon Bacon (Short, Comedy and Horror) Actor A young man is applying for his first post-college job at a large warehouse, where men are sent out every night to kill the homeless, minorities, hookers, and other such "undesirable types." All the employees self medicate with anti-psychotics to help them deal with the ghosts of their victims who haunt them. The hours are miserable...but health insurance is supplied. Written by Waylon Bacon

  • Chain Letter

    Chain Letter (2009)
    Film by Deon Taylor (Horror and Thriller) Actor A maniac murders teens when they refuse to forward chain mail.

  • Sawtooth

    Sawtooth (2009)
    Film by Justin Buettner (Thriller) Actor The story follows the three outcast high school students who embark on this trip based off of a series of stories and myths connected with the region called Sawtooth ridge. The story examines each character ultimately telling a coming of age story from three unique perspectives. It isn't long before our characters have run ins not only with Bigfoot creatures but dangers even greater as the story shifts to a fight for survival. Written by Justin Buettner

  • The Bill Collector

    The Bill Collector (2009)
    Film by Peter Oakes (Thriller) Actor

  • Dead Exit

    Dead Exit (2009)
    Film by Ryan Goff (Short, Action, Horror and Thriller) Actor

  • Song Man

    Song Man (2009)
    Video by Trevor L. Smith (Drama and Family) Actor Song Man is the story of a young man, David, an out of work musician struggling with life, love, and faith, who's unaware that people all over the world are following his music and spiritual journey through the songs he writes; among them, a couple of contract killers trying to prevent him from claiming the inheritance that rightfully belongs to him. Written by Anonymous

  • The Green Room

    The Green Room (2008)
    Film by David Baker (Family) Actor A light hearted romantic comedy about a group of zany people making big plans for the summer fiesta. The high school play is having trouble with it's leading lady and the city council is planning a big announcement - to change the name of the town as part of a new reality TV show. Art and identity are examined in this bergmanesque romp. Written by Anonymous

  • Monster from Bikini Beach

    Monster from Bikini Beach (2008)
    Film by Darin Wood (Comedy and Horror) Actor MONSTER FROM BIKINI BEACH is the story of a primordial fiend who rises from the murky depths to quench its insatiable lust for Bikini-Clad Beauties. One man dares suspect a truth too terrifying to believe, while a crooked cop tries to cash in on the score of a lifetime! Thrown together by destiny, the two find themselves locked in the final bloody battle to defend Bikini Beach. Will they be in time to save the Lovely Ladies of Camaroville from the Beast's Wanton Rampage of Total Terror or will they die trying?! Written by Anonymous

  • Cat's in the Cradle

    Cat's in the Cradle (2007)
    Film by Leonard Carillo (Drama) Actor Harry Stephens (Michael Reinero) stands at the twilight of his life, watching his last few relationships slip like sand through his fingers. After the loss of his wife Clair (Christina Marie), Harry sees his estranged son Richard (Colby Salmon) starting down the same path he once took, and tries to find redemption before it's too late for both of them. Cat's in the Cradle is a moving story about the life of a family, inspired by Harry Chapin's 1974 hit song. Written by Leonard Carillo

  • The Eight Levels of Slam

    The Eight Levels of Slam (2007)
    Film by Ryan Todd (Short and Comedy) Actor

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