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By Chris Courtney Martin

GENRE: Horror, Fantasy

After a visit from her estranged mother, a young werewolf is forced to choose between a successful life in the human world and the survival of her pack.



AMIRA is a successful 20-something journalist in Philadelphia. She also happens to be a werewolf. Her mother, PAXANNA is the leader of the pack, which Amira abandoned after the deaths of her father and brother. After eight years of estrangement, Paxanna pays Amira a visit to appeal for help. She explains that the packlands are being developed as vacation resorts, and they can’t buy them back. The only way to avoid a turf war with the other Eastern pack (the Aries pack) is for Amira to mate with their Alpha. But Amira refuses to jeopardize her new life for werewolf politics. Meanwhile, Amira’s boyfriend, MIGUEL (junior photographer) gets wind of the story about the resort development. As an aspiring journalist, he considers pursuing the story, which Amira advises against.

Amira’s guilt gets the best of her and she agrees to a meeting with KALLUM, the Alpha of the Aries pack. They strike a deal: Paxanna rules the united packs until she dies, then Amira and Kallum take over. This angers Amira’s cousin, EMERY who planned on succeeding Paxanna. Amira’s former sweetheart and Emery’s current girlfriend, YASMINE convinces her to commit to the mating ceremony. Amira agrees, but with the intention of phoning it in and keeping one foot in both worlds. As Amira spends time re-integrating into pack life, Miguel grows suspicious. He comes to believe that Amira only discouraged him from covering the development story so that she could. On the night of the bond ceremony, Miguel follows Amira to the Aries pack’s territory. In the middle of the ceremony, Emery picks up Miguel’s scent and pursues him through the woods. Paxanna intercepts Emery before Miguel is seriously harmed. Emery uses their scuffle as an excuse to murder her.

Emery stages Paxanna’s death to look like an accident, but Amira still holds him responsible. She banishes Emery from the pack, drawing the ire of several members. Those loyal to Emery voice their desire to get rid of Amira, as well as Kallum and his outsiders. As dissent rises among the wolves, Amira and Kallum decide to redo the interrupted mating ceremony, in order to legitimize the packs’ union. Meanwhile, Emery and his disciples build an army of hybrids (humans-turned-werewolves) to increase their numbers. Miguel is among his ranks.Emery’s legion attacks on the night of the second mating ceremony. Amira and Emery battle it out. She bests him, but he rises to attack her from behind. Yasmine takes him down, saving Amira. Because Emery turned Miguel, Miguel’s life ends with his. After finally allowing herself time to mourn, for Miguel and her mother, Amira realizes she owes it to Paxanna’s memory to be the Alpha she knew she could be.


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