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By Chris Courtney Martin

GENRE: Thriller

When a reclusive author shelters a man who escaped captivity with her long-missing brother, they’re tormented by the zealot responsible.



NAIA is a disabled author. Other than her service dog (ACHILLES) and best friend/agent (AIDEEN) she's been isolated since the disappearance of her twin brother (NAZEEM) eighteen years ago. Naia receives a call that Nazeem's been found, emaciated and comatose. Detectives BRASHEAR and MORROW) tell her that Nazeem escaped captivity with the help of another survivor, JOHN. John doesn't give much detail, but the cops suspect cult activity. Finding no relatives, the hospital prepares to send John to a shelter. Instead, Naia invites him to live with her. John's plagued by nightmares of his captor, a false prophet called the LAMB. When John and Naia see news footage of a bible verse written in blood, John takes it as a message: the Lamb is coming.

The cops disbelieve John's theory. Naia feels the same, but she's protective. As they grow closer, John explores the sexual feelings Naia stirs. He views porn for the first time and masturbates, which overwhelms him with guilt. His shame causes paranoid hallucinations. As Naia and Nazeem's birthday approaches, Aideen visits. They smoke some pot, which results in John and Naia kissing. The next day, Achilles brings a venomous snake into the house, which John takes as another sign he's being punished. Nazeem, who has been steadily improving, suddenly dies before he can wake. This sends Naia on a downward spiral.

Naia presses John for details about her brother's experience. He explains that the Lamb "chose" them to do the work of God, and named them after the Evangelists John and Luke. Naia asks if there was a Matthew or Mark, which he denies. The cops find Naia's diary from middle school. Reminded Nazeem had it when he was snatched, Naia's guilt consumes her. She pushes Aideen away, and John fills that void. Naia and John sleep together and enter a romantic relationship. John admits he lied about the existence of Mark and Matthew, and that helping the cops might force the Lamb to kill them. Naia convinces him to cooperate and receives menacing calls from the Lamb

Naia tells John about the phone calls and he begs her to relocate. She promises to get them a hotel room after returning from an appointment. Alone, John is ambushed by the Lamb. When Naia returns, the Lamb attacks her. She comes-to, bound with John. As the Lamb unmasks, Naia realizes he's John's father. John admits he lured the other boys, under duress. Morrow and Brashear drop by Naia's and notice something's off. When they see Achilles outside, dead from exposure, they break in. A shootout ensues and both cops are hit. Naia frees herself and fights the Lamb, bashing his skull with Nazeem's urn. When John accidentally mentions Nazeem being poisoned, Naia puts it all together-- remembering her missing sleeping pills. John admits he killed Nazeem to keep him from waking up and telling Naia everything. Naia's about to shoot him, but he knocks her out and slips away. The following year, the memory of John still haunts Naia. When her new boyfriend is attacked, it's clear it's not just John's memory clinging to her.

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