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By Adri Liebenberg France

GENRE: Drama

A college student spirals into depression and addiction after her best friend dies.


We are all greatly influenced by our significant losses in life- we are all, therefore, in a constant state of grief. We grieve the loss of loved ones, our childhood, relationships, missed opportunities, a lifestyle, a job, our youth, an athletic career, etc...As we become adults we can grieve the loss of multiple things simultaneously yet struggle in different stages of grief for each loss. Our most important choices and dramatic gestures, consciously or subconsciously, on how we navigate through life are influenced by what we have lost. Dealing with our losses can be the guiding force and motivation to improve our lives or it can be the reason we self-destruct.

In her early 20’s, Faith has established some normalcy in the loving household of a childless couple who adopted her out of the system at age 13. But during the first year of college, she came to an emotional halt when her best friend dies. Her grief further unlocks her repressed and traumatic memories. These vivid images of a neglectful, abusive and chaotic childhood at the hand of a drug addict mother, now deceased, leads her on a dangerous path.

To escape these painful emotions, she relapses to drug use. And as she continues to alter her state of mind she becomes a victim to her self-made prison- made up of lies and feelings of guilt and shame.

After many months of self-destructive behavior she discovers that she has never truly grieved her most significant losses in life. When it came to her life’s losses, drug use was only symptom of the hurt and pain. With the support of another drug addict, Faith learns how to grieve her losses and let go. As she begins to heal she finds hope, love, and purpose for her life.


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