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By Peter Brabson

GENRE: Sci-fi, Drama

It's 1928. Eugenics mania grips the American psyche.  Emma Forbes, daughter of Virginia sharecroppers is raped by her wealthy boss, sentenced and tossed on the trash heap of mentally unfit at the Institute. There she meets fellow outcast Nellie Stern, disowned by her family as whore and pariah for marrying a goy. Both vow payback.  When they uncover a scheme so evil and far reaching that threatens the survival of the human species, horror replaces their thirst for vengeance as they race against time to save the world.  This is their twisted dark path.


Thelma and Louise meets I, Robot.

Two women, spurned as whores and mentally unfit, unite to escape from the Virginia Institute of Genetics manned by the psychopath Dr. Heinrich Wespe and his minions. There he ministers to the patients as subjects for his humanitarian research to ease their suffering. In secret, he conducts horrific genetic experiments. Supreme court justices, presidents, inventors and high profile politicos funnel millions of dollars to aid Wespe. Henry Ford, Alexander Graham Bell, William Jennings Bryant. The goal: create a race of super human army to wipe the current world order. Those survivors serve as slaves to the new regime.

Nathaniel Baker

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Vic Burns

Dude. That’s about 5 sentences too long.

Peter Brabson

Yeah, I know it's wordy but it ain't done. Thanks dude.

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