Loglines & Screenplays by Peter Brabson

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GENRES: Sci-fi, Drama

It's 1928. Eugenics mania grips the American psyche.  Emma Forbes, daughter of Virginia sharecroppers is raped by her wealthy boss, sentenced and tossed on the trash heap of mentally unfit at the Institute. There she meets fellow outcast Nellie Stern, disowned by her family as whore and pariah for marrying a goy. Both vow payback.  When they uncover a scheme so evil and far reaching that threatens the survival of the human species, horror replaces their thirst for vengeance as they race against time to save the world.  This is their twisted dark path.

Disposable Assets

GENRES: Thriller

A zealous young  FBI agent seeks to solve the murder of his brother and fellow agent, recently discharged for suspected homosexuality and Communist affiliation.  He is thwarted by a corrupt, power hungry director,with ties to Hoover, who sabotages all efforts and seeks to destroy his credibility and ultimately his life.


GENRES: Sci-fi

A tough, ex Navy pilot and officer is assigned as head of the newly formed department, AIS (Alien Integration Services).  He hates his job but hates his new supervisor more, a vicious alien commander who  plundered the planet and killed nearly 1 billion people including most of his family.  He swears revenge and escapes to find his only surviving relatives: a daughter and young grandson.  


GENRES: Sci-fi, Comedy

A neurotic control freak gets promoted as project manager of the newly formed Department of Alien Integration Services. He inherits a group of grumbling miscreants, human and non.  Not all new employees like his style and a few alien newcomers devise a deadly plan of their own. 



The Drexler children grow up in the shadow of a decorated WW2 general father,  It's 1965 and the Vietnam war grinds into its 10th year. Each child bears the scars of their own battle with a harsh father whose face to the world is a loving, family loving man.   

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