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By Art Gomez

GENRE: Comedy

A sitcom centering on neighbors with bordering backyards.


As the neighborhood busybody hides behind bushes, peeking out towards her neighbors, a soccer ball, kicked by a group of neighborhood kids, strikes her in the back of her head, knocking her through the bushes, into the neighbor's yard.

The neighborhood husband deciding to install a home satellite dish on his roof, and lists some of the other neighborhood husbands to help, resulting in an episode full of mishaps, pratfalls and some property destruction.
A simple family barbeque blows out of control, as the barbeques smokestack, along with flying discs, insight a neighborhood ruckus that involves most of the block.

The Nelson's, the new couple on the block, are trying to adapt to life in the new neighborhood. The neighborhood busybody, a Hyacinth Bucket-style woman, over-bearing, over-friendly, over-spoken and pelted by the neighborhood children at every chance they get. The neighborhood's over-achieving go-getters, a family of four, with one get rich quick scheme after another. Two houses, filled with children, each with a single parent, who seem to have plans to unite the two kingdoms. Rounded out with the neighborhood weirdo, never seen but often heard, shouting and screaming from his window. Take a trip to the neighborhood. Come visit...The Neighbors


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