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By Art Gomez

GENRE: Horror

Witness both nature and humanity devolving to their most vicious and primal state.


The Hole is a terrifying view of nature and humanity both devolving to its most primal state. The hole, a dumping ground for local criminals, is the entrance to a large cavern housing an underground lake. The discarded toxic waste, ranging from illegal chemicals to dead bodies, has contaminated the water of the underground lake, consequentially contaminating the area's wildlife.
Five of the local town's not so upstanding citizens drive a load of illegal chemical containers to "the hole”. As the five dump their illegal load into the hole, they are viciously attacked by seemingly rabid wildlife. Two of the five, though gravely injured, manage to escape with their vehicle. Heading back to town, the severely injured driver passes out and crashes the vehicle into an electrical utility pole. The downed utility pole knocks out the power to a nearby shopping plaza. Infected, by the rabid-like wildlife, the two awaken in and exit the wrecked vehicle. In rabid zombie-like states they stumble towards the darkened shopping plaza. The stranded employees must spend the night hiding and fighting for their lives as the contaminated and contagious rabid zombies stalk them in the darkened shopping plaza. Who will survive this night of horror? With two alternate endings anything can happen.


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