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By Art Gomez

GENRE: Comedy, Other

A sitcom reminiscent of 60's The Munsters.


The Rotters are a close-knit family, of flesh eating zombies, living in an old funeral home in Suburbia, America. The six family members, all in various stages of decomposition, live normal lives…as normal as possible. They go to work. They go to school. They go shopping. They also dine on the residents and visitors, of Suburbia. The Rotters, especially the women, hide their unique and grotesque wounds with make-up, accessories and in Millie’s case, her long ebony hair covers the heavily scarred side, of her beautiful face. Sherman’s shortcoming, not as cosmetic as Millie’s, is both of his arms detach and fall off, at the shoulder sockets. Grandpa’s slippery and slimy guts and “innards”, fall out to the floor every time he does. Grandma’s head is held in place, by her neckwear. Daughter Carolyn’s leg, without tight fitting leg wear, falls off at mid-thigh,. Son, Freddy splits, completely in half, at the waist.

As with any and all, of the legendary families of the great horror sitcoms, the simple act of placing the “mis-placed” family into almost any “normal” situation is in itself usually funny. Sherman’s car breaking down in a busy intersection. Freddie trying out for kiddy league football. The family going grocery shopping. The scenarios are limitless. The laughs are sure to outnumber, even the body count, as the Rotters take a big, juicy bite out of life.


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