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By Art Gomez

GENRE: Comedy

Three dwarves repair and reopen a Santa's Workshop theme park in this slapstick style sitcom.


Workshop is a lighthearted but serious sitcom based in and around a dilapidated Santa's Workshop theme park. The main characters are a trio of triplets, two brothers and a sister, who inherit the theme park and adjoining house. The siblings, with the sister and one of the brothers are dwarves. In the pilot, the three decide to keep the theme park and restore it themselves, against the wishes of Jimmy, small, but firstborn of the three. A third small person is brought into the fray as Jimmy's longtime friend Kevin, is introduced. Kevin, a self-professed master of all trades, moves into the house with the three as he teams up with Jimmy to do most of the theme park's mechanical repairs. Much of the show's humor comes from the accidental pratfalls that befall Jimmy and Kevin as they repair the park. Meanwhile, six foot tall brother John, a mild mannered computer geek, locates authentic parts to replace the worn ones on the park's antique rides. John, on his own and in the company of his short siblings, travels near and far to obtain the antique parts. Diminutive Cathy is ever present to lend to the cuteness factor. The series' first season will follow the four as they find the parts and restore the theme park to its original grandeur. The four meet and befriend a local garage mechanic and her grandfather, the theme park's former maintenance man. Despite the accidental falls and constant sibling quarrely between elder Jimmy and junior John, the theme park prepares for its opening. The second and future seasons would showcase the opening and running of the restored theme park. The four, along with the friends and local hired help, encounter obstacles, sibling arguing and of course accidental pratfalls, maybe even a little romance and heartbreak. Join the fun as the four welcome and entertain park guests from all over the world, as they try to make their Santa's Workshop theme park the funnest place from Ho-Ho-Home.


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