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By Art Gomez

GENRE: Horror

A family's terrifying struggle to reunite in a zombie ravaged America.


The nightmare begins in mid-Atlantic America as a young woman, Christine, is separated from her father and sister and lost in zombie-ravaged America. The father-daughter duo desperately searches for their lost family member, through an ever-increasing zombie population. The lost woman, Christine, alone and terrified encounters and befriends a young nun, Sister Ginny, who is strongly opposed to firearm use of any kind. Later, a mother, and her eight-year-old daughter Katie, joins the two. The four, uneasy and argumentative at first, come to love each other and form a close-knit unit; as they encounter friend and foe, in their struggle to stay alive in the world of the undead. Sister Ginny is forced to change her outlook on things when she has no choice but to save young Katie, with a twelve-gauge shotgun.

Meanwhile, Christine's father and younger sister vigilantly search for their beloved family member by daylight, as they encounter a gauntlet of scenarios. The duo also encounters other "survivors" during their quest, some of whom join the two and appear throughout several episodes. The father-daughter duo also encounter dangerous foes, including stumbling upon the compound of a backwoods cult. It is at this cult that the two befriend a young man, who is the cult’s slave, rescuing him as they all escape their own executions and flee from the cult’s followers and their zombie slaves.

Midway through the series, while trying to cross a large bridge, Christine's group is attacked by a zombie mob. As the three watch in horror, Sister Ginny is pushed over the side of the bridge, falling with her zombie attacker, to the river far below. The three, with tears and heavy hearts, flee the bridge and their zombie attackers, and are rescued by a group of "survivors" who reside in the upper floors of a luxury hotel. Mentally and physically exhausted and heartbroken by the loss of their friend, the three accept the "survivors’" offer to join them as residents of the hotel. Several episodes later, Sister Ginny, presumed dead by both her friends and the viewing audience, is found and rescued by the father/ daughter team. The series ultimately ends as Christine and her father are reunited inside of the hotel, in a climactic zombie battle sure to rival any other.

Z-the series is an eighteen part miniseries, set in mid-Atlantic America. The show is driven by both its cast of endearing characters as well as constant zombie action. The series has an upbeat, cheer-for-the-good-guy feel to it, while at the same time, maintains its own eclectic group of devious villains and tough adversaries. A constant flux of supporting characters, in and out, will keep the viewing experience fresh and interesting. Among the cast, the eight year old, Katie, plays a much greater role than the helpless child; as she single handedly saves the lives of the group on two distinct occasions, as well as plays a major part of the series’ shocking surprise ending.


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