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By Christine Marrello

GENRE: Drama
LOGLINE: Caisse's Quest is about the late Rene Caisse, a Canadian nurse who discovered a cure for Cancer. Rather than be supported, she was persecuted by the Canadian government who wished to surpress her discovery. This screen play is based on a true story of Rene Caisse--with some dramatic embellishments. It would make an excellent Lifetime Movie since it has many strong female characters. I am seeking a Producer willing to highlight her story which is very powerfully drawn. The screenplay has suspense, dramatic irony, twists and turns, and strong characterizations. The screenplay contains drama as well as comic and bittersweet moments.


This screenplay takes one on a journey from the beginning of Rene's experiments and scientific discoveries where she begins as a naive and trusting nurse, to her dynamic transition into a brilliant scientist who must fight for her discovery.


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Christine Marrello

I am very happy that I have two new members on my network: Photo Film Stage and Brad Havens. If both of you have any connections to get this wonderful project up, please let me know! I appreciate your interest and hope you read the script which is currently complete.

LB McGill

I can't believe I found an actual active creative network. I love reading other peoples stuff. I can't wait to read it Christine :)

Christine Marrello
@LB McGill

Isn't it awesome Loralie! I made about a zillion contacts in just a short amount of time. I hope you enjoy the screenplay!

Christine Marrello

I am thinking of doing a reading of my play "Cassie's Quest." It would enable me to actually publish the work Are there any actors out there who would be willing to do this for free?

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