Loglines & Screenplays by A.J. & D.L. Gideon

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The Queen Of Baseball

GENRES: Historical, Drama

The true story of Lizzie Murphy who struggles to become the first woman to play semi-professional baseball before the Commissioner bans women from the game.

Finishing Wally

GENRES: Comedy

In a desperate attempt at motivation, a middle-aged virgin hires a hit man to kill him if he doesn't get laid by Valentine's Day.


GENRES: Drama, Western

After his father is killed during the Sand Creek massacre of 1864, a militant Native American brave must learn to trust a white soldier he hates to stop a racist Colonel from murdering the rest of his tribe. Inspired by true events.


GENRES: Action, Sci-fi

After a genius with a pathological need-to-win agrees to play a game of online chess against the mysterious reigning champion, he is forced to run from government agents when the chess game begins controlling World War 3, compelling him to learn it's okay to lose before the game destroys the world.

Life After Life

GENRES: Romance, Fantasy

In order to end up together, two star-crossed lovers must reincarnate four different times during seminal moments in history to understand and deserve true love before their lives run out.

Unsinkable Sam

GENRES: War, Drama

On the brink of drowning on a sinking Nazi battleship, a courageous, yet closed-off British sailor is rescued by a cat named Sam, but when another ship capsizes with both of them aboard, he must open his heart and learn why Sam is special before another ship is sunk. Inspired by true events.

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