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By Johnny Blue

GENRE: Action, Drama, Independent
LOGLINE: An old guy walks his dog.He may pick up crap but he doesn't take any.


Walkin’ the Dog. BY Johnny Blue 2012 Present day [PM] a sleepy neighborhood on the outskirts of downtown in a large North American city. The home of sexagenarians Andrea and Hector Righinn and their little dog Harry. Andrea: [Busy in her kitchen calls out to her husband] “Hector its ten thirty. Harry needs his walk. [Pause] Hector would you please give it a rest with that damn machine and take the dog for his last walk? Honestly you’re becoming obsessed with that thing.” Hector: [emerging from the basement] “Hey girl, you used to complain about me sittin’ on the couch watchin’ T V. Don’t ya like the new me”? [He makes an exaggerated muscle-man pose] “Can you tell the difference?” [He nods at the photograph on the wall above him; a younger Hector stretched out fully in a soccer net saving a goal.] Andrea: “I think it’s great that your getting back in shape but you do tend to overdo things.[ She kisses his cheek.] Now will you take Harry out, the poor dog has his legs crossed” Hector: [To Harry] “Come on shit machine let’s go stink up the neighborhood.” Andrea: “Hector you’ll hurt his feelings” Hector: “He’s an animal Andy; ya can insult him as much as you like as long as ya don’t forget ti feed’m; much like your brother George.” An oven glove sails over Hectors head as he ushers Harry out the back door Hector: [Calling back through the closed door.] “Nice pitch kid, see ya in a bit” Andrea: [voice from inside, laughing] “Have a nice walk” Hector walks with Harry on a leash. They cross the back-yard and exit through a gate. On the other side of the gate is a narrow tree lined lane. Hector leads Harry down the lane toward the lights of a neighboring street. They turn left and at the end of the street turn left again. Harry sniffing and peeing. The neighborhood is quiet. They don’t meet anyone. Eventually after a few more turns, Harry squats to take care of business. Hector: “Jeez dog, you DO stink up the place.” [Hector bends down pulling a doggy-poo bag around his hand.] “My God dog this thing’s as big as yir head.” As Hector scoops up the dog-poo a car speeds down the street screeching to a halt at the curb side opposite. From the car a very loud base booms out into the quite night. Harry begins to bark at the car. The engine and base are shut off and two young men in hip-hop clothing emerge from the vehicle their voices loud and abrasive replacing the silenced music. They cross the street passing Hector and Harry and Harry snarls and barks at them. 1st Punk: [bends towards Harry] “RAAAGH!” Both Punks laugh at this and continue walking toward a townhouse complex on this side of the street. Harry now more agitated pulls free of Hectors grip on the leash and runs barking toward the two young men. Hector: “Harry, come back here “ Harry has reached the punks and is barking and snarling at them. 1st Punk: “Fuck off dog” [He aims a vicious kick at the dog, the tip of his boot making contact. Harry yelps] Hector: “Hey asshole, leave my dog alone” 1st Punk: “I’ll stomp the little fuck into the dirt, he comes near me again” 2nd Punk: [pulling on his companions sleeve] “We got some business to take care of here Rats. Be nice if ya didn’t wake the whole fuckin’ hood. 1st Punk (Rats): [Toward Harry] “AGGHH!” [He forms his finger and thumb into a gun and fires it at Harry.] “Bam” [He turns laughing sardonically and hurries after his buddy] Hector retrieves the leash and control of Harry and turns to retrace their steps towards home. He looks at the expensive car that the punks arrived in, and then at the bag of dog excrement in his hand a smile forms on his lips. *** As Hector and Harry turn the corner at the end of the street Rats and his buddy return to their car. Rats presses a button on his key fob and the trunk pops open. 2nd punk throws a sports bag into it and slams it closed 2nd Punk: [Getting in the passenger side of the car] Good nights work huh? Rats: “That fukin’ old asshole” 2nd Punk: What you on abou…? Rats: [Starting the car and looking around] “I’ll kill that old fuck and his fuckin’ dog” 2nd Punk: [Notices the mess smeared on the windshield] “Shit” Rats: ‘You tryin’ to be funny” 2nd Punk: “What? Oh right, shit ha-a.” Rats: [pulling the car around] I’m gonna find that old bastard and use his fukin’ face to clean it up” 2nd Punk: “Ah maybe we should get the fuck outa this hood man. [He indicates with his eyes and head toward the rear of the car] you know? Rats: [driving and looking around.] “This won’t take long. He must still be close by.” They turn another corner and just ahead they see Hector and Harry. Rats: “Got’ya fuck-head” [He accelerates the car aiming it at Hector and Harry] Hector hearing the revving engine looks over his shoulder the car is bearing down on them. He scoops up Harry and runs across the street to the opposite sidewalk. The car screeches to a stop on the sidewalk, where Hector and Harry had been seconds earlier busting part of a picket fence. Rats backs the car up and turns it in pursuit of Hector. Inside the car: 2nd Punk: “Hey granddad moves pretty fast [He reaches inside his coat] why don’t I just waste the old prick” Rats: “NO! He’s mine. You can shoot’m after I park this Beamer on the fuckin’ assholes head. Hector hurriedly crosses the street once more to a house with a chest high chain-link fence securing its front yard. He drops Harry into the yard and runs on. Harry runs around the yard barking unable to get out. The car once again changes direction in continued pursuit of the older man. At the corner now, Hector looks right and left. He goes right; the car swerves to the right bumping over the curb at the corner. Rats straightens the car out and is amazed to see Hector standing on the opposite sidewalk just ahead, giving him the finger. Inside the car: 2nd Punk: Whooo! That old bastard’s nuts. Get’m man. Rats: “YOU ARE FUCKIN DEAD POPS” Rats presses on the accelerator at the same time holding down the brake, burning rubber. The older man stands stalk still grinning, his finger still stretched in the well known gesture of defiance. Rats pulls his left foot off the brake and stomps the gas pedal to the floor. The car barrels toward Hector still grinning, finger stiff. At the last possible second the older, yet nimble man dives and rolls across the grass like the soccer goalie he used to be. Too late, Rats sees the fire hydrant that Hector has been intentionally obscuring. The car smashes into the hydrant crushing the front end and sending a torrent of water shooting into the air. Hector rises from the lawn he’s on the passenger side of the car. He sees the second punk push open his door, a gun in his hand. Hector dives at the door his weight pushing it closed crushing the young mans arm and head in the process. He straightens up and slams the door on the young punk a few more times. The punk groans and slides semi-conscious down on his seat. Rats has pulled himself from the car he’s stumbling around on the grass slipping and sliding on the quickly flooding lawn. Woozily he fumbles in his pants for his gun. Hector: [Picking up a large pistol from the lawn] “Looking for this?” Hector holds the gun by the barrel offering it to Rats. The younger man makes a snatch for the proffered weapon. Hector pulls the gun back, then using it as a club he strikes hard at the outstretched arm, making painful contact with the young mans wrist. Rats: “Ahh! You fuckin’ old bast…[He kicks at the older man] Hector side steps the kick and brings the large gun down with all his strength on the young mans knee. Rats yells in pain and falls to the ground screaming and weeping. *** Hector: [Opening the gate of the yard where he dropped Harry] “Come on Harry lets get you home” *** Hector pushes open his back door and follows Harry inside. In the background he hears police sirens. He closes his door. Andrea: [From another room] “Hector, what’s all the noise about outside?” Hector: “Beats me” Andrea: “How was your walk?” Hector: “Same old, same old” Andrea: “Come to bed” Hector: I’ll be right in, after I hit the can. Andrea: Hurry up; one of your favorites is coming on, Die Hard. Hector laughs as he closes the bathroom door. END

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