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By Mike W. Rogers

GENRE: Crime, Drama

After surviving a verdictive serial killer a disfigured housewife works with homicide detective when the killer announces he will stop terrorizing the city if an ordinary citizen murders his only surviving victim.



FORMAT: One-Hour Serialized Crime, Drama.

COMPS: In the vein of THE FOLLOWING and 24

SETTING: Present Day New England. Set against a small seaside New England Community populated by half-million dollar homes, country day schools, and yacht clubs, a pseudo-puritan, white collar community where DUIs dot the Police and Fire, not homicide.


JANE FRIDAY (48, an Alysia Reinier-type, is an unassuming housewife) has it all. Mother of two boys, wife of an Executive Director of a Non-Profit a three story house in Pleasant Cove. But what did she do to get here? How many insignificant lives does it cost for any one person to be successful? How many people have to die for Jane to keep her perfect life?

MR. MALEVOLENT (35, a vengeance-driven predator) arrives in Pleasant Cove to exact revenge against the people who made him the man he is today. With the aid of his assistant Celia, Mr. Malevolent will make his plan known but his greatest reveal is his relationship to Jane Friday.

VICTOR RAMIREZ (28, a straight-laced, career-driven Detective) who looks to make a path for himself in a club that may not accept “his kind”. His partner Jim Boyle can’t see why he would want to go anywhere as he tops off Victor’s coffee with a shot of whiskey.

CELIA MCFINN (26, prey’s on misguided trust) is the right hand of Mr. Malevolent. Celia makes sure the stage is set and distracts the victims before the trap is sprung.


(Page 1-3):

JANE FRIDAY, our Protagonist, clears the breakfast dishes from the kitchen table before she yells out the sliding glass door to the backyard “Time to come in! Bailey?!”. She waits... but Bailey doesn’t come in.

The doorbell RINGS.

At the front door is CELIA FINN dressed as a Pleasant Harbor’s ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER, her message…

There’s a Predator in our midst.

A family Coyotes has moved down from the hills for a new food source.

(Pages 4-5):

Scared for Bailey, Jane grabs the handle and tries to open the door but the metal door has been welded to the frame! A syringe of industrial epoxy drips from both barrels on the tile floor. She tries to pull her hand away from the handle but her hand won’t give. Thick with epoxy and adhered to the sliding door’s handle.

(Page 6-7):

The house phone RINGS. An ancient answering machine plays the family recording. “Thank God it’s the Friday’s! Leave a message!” Jane instinctively looks to her Father’s’ silver Fire Chief’s Axe, mounted on living room wall, the axe she can almost touch with he finger tips!

Hello Jane.” A deep voice rumbles over the recorder tape., ”My name is Mr Malevolent. it would be so easy to kill you right now but I would rather see you suffer.”

(Pages 8-14):

Preston rides the train into the city. His phone RINGS, the screen reads “JANE”. He is about to press ANSWER, when a TEXT MESSAGE notification DINGS. He opts for the TEXT.

Your wife will die if you don’t pull the Emergency Brake on this train, RIGHT NOW!

Preston Friday of 12 Ferry Road, Pleasant Cove, wife Jane.

(Page 15-18):

1:30PM The Animal Control van parks in front of a house with a sunken front porch.

Mrs. White?

The disheveled woman squints at the daylight.

I am just following up on your daughter's case.”

A cigarette hanging from her lips.

What? That was over twenty years ago?

A Jane Friday blocked the road with her station wagon. Your daughter couldn’t have avoided the semi-truck.

(Pages 15-22):

2:00 PM After pulling the emergency break, he pleiades with Detective Victor Ramierez and Detective Jim Boyle to send a squad car to check on Jane.

His phone DINGS.

Detectives, my name is Mr. Malevolent. I am the product of neglect. Nurtured by your nameless fathers, your absent mothers, and your self-righteous systems. Sorted like spoiled fruit. A blemish on an otherwise perfect puritan picture. What you need to know is the day of reckoning has reached your fair city. I will be taking the lives of the deserving. There is only one way to stop me. End the life of Jane Friday.

(Page 23-25):

2:30PM Jane has tossed Bailey’s dog bed on top of the stove in an attempt to stop the gas, which fills the closed kitchen. She yanks at her wrist but the door just rattles, unmoved. Jane looks up to the axe. She reaches as far as she can. Her fingers slip off the blade. “Shit!

Jane coughs and collapses to catch her breath. The strap on her shoe comes into focus. In a blink her shoe is off and with the last of her strength, swipes at the axe on the wall. The axe totters in the braces but won't fall. Out of nothing but desperation she throws the shoe at the axe and it works! The axe falls from the wall and sticks blade first into floor boards.

(Pages 26-28):

The disheveled Mrs. White opens the manila folder but only graphic photos of her daughter's death fall out. She collects a pistol from her bedside table, climbs into her Cadillac and drives to the address on the envelope, 12 Ferry Road, Pleasant Cove.

(Pages 28-30):

Jane can just get her hand around the handle of the axe as Celia (still dressed as the Animal Control Officer) appears on the other side of the sliding glass door, holding Bailey!. Jane smiles, relieved and lets go of the axe handle still stuck in the floor. “Bailey!” and falls to her knees.

(Pages 30-33):

Jane looks up at Celia and mouths “Thank you”.

Celia smiles and reveals a lighter from her pocket.

Victor and Preston race to save Jane from Mr. Malevolent.

Celia moves out of sight with the lit lighter and Bailey in her arms.

Jane uses all of her strength to grab the axe pull it from the floor. She raises the axe over her shoulder, only time for one swing. The door handle is metal and probably won’t go in one swipe . One choice, no time. The axe slices through air. CRACK!

(Page 34-36):

An old Cadillac rumbles in to the Friday’s driveway. Mrs. White with a cigarette hanging from her lips and a pistol in her hand, approaches the front door.

Inside, Jane is free from the door handle and slides down the hallway wall for the front door trying to escape the gas filled house,

Mrs. White opens the front door and points the gun at Jane.

But Victor arrives in time to taze Mrs. White before she can pull the trigger on Jane.

(Pages 37-39):

Jane wakes in a hospital bed. Jane denies knowing anything about the two girls deaths or knowledge of a Mr. Malevolent..

(Page 40-42):

In a private moment where Jane tells Preston, “We are not weak people.” But what Jane means is, “Your weak Preston, and your going to have get a lot stronger.”

(Page 43-45):

Back at the precinct, Victor and Jim get a call on another victim. Was our killer not satisfied by his encounter with Jane? Or just an unfortunate accident? In a small town with zero homicides last year, are Victor and Jim may have to start a Homicide Division.


How the Series works - Each week our killer will victimize members of the community while Jane Friday and the two detectives track the sociopath, always knowing that ending Janes Friday’s life will end the community's nightmare.

Episode 1 -

Victim: Dr. James Thmpson (58) Seated in a wheelchair Celia distracts the good Doctor, as the trap is set. Celia throws up on Dr. Thompson which sends him back to the shower never to return.

Jane’s Arch: After being questioned by the Detectives. Preston and Jane discuss the ancient accident where we find that Jane’s father, paid to have the police report falsified.

Mr. Malevolent’s Arch: Having delivered his manifesto, our killer and Celia get to work and by the end of Episode 1, have already taken two victims.

Episode 2 -

Victim: Venessa Wilkins (45) Arrived in town early Friday and will be staying at the The Bluffs while the sale is finalized in her deceased mother’s home. Her yearbook superlative? Most Likely to be a Movie Star. But there may be a problem with the heat in the room but it could be worse, it’s absolutely freezing next door.

Jane’s Arch: Jane turns her attention to helping the Detectives identify Celia and is absent when her boys are terrified by a slow driving stranger.

Mr. Malevolent’s Arch: Still not having revealed himself, we follow Celia as she follows people we imagine as future victims and crosses them off her list.

Episode 3 -

Victim: Terrance Block (52) is a Driving Instructor on the side and loves a good bath after a long day working at the DMV. Essential oils in the water always puts him to sleep. But a car alarm and a leaking propane tank will leave him dead and naked on the cement garage floor.

Jane’s Arch: Jane is elated as she is fit for a bionic hand from Open Bionics. Someone has leaked Mr. Malevolent’s “Manifesto Message” to the Press. Jane’s elation turns to dread as people continue to die.

Mr. Malevolent’s Arch: Four victims but the pressure is not mounting against Jane as he had planned.

Episode 4 -

Victim: Linda Summerfield (48) retired Guidance Counselor, probably should have just stayed in bed. If she had, she could have avoided the fall down the stairs, being rolled up in a rug and fed to three wild boars. That is of course, if she can find a way out

Jane’s Arch: Jane’s close work with Detective Victor Ramirez is pulling here away from her family but awakens skills in detection she didn’t know she had.

Mr. Malevolent’s Arch: Is seen for the first time. He is just a very large, naked, bald silhouette of a man sitting on a bed. Celia explains the Manifesto has been leaked to the press. Mr. Malevolent laughs, revealing Jane’s misery as his actual goal .

Episode 5 -

Victim: James Pinkerton (45) Mid-Level Account Manager at Crispin, Smart, and Levesque and the guy who takes the last cup of coffee but never makes another pot. But today when he goes to grab a cup, he’ll complete a circuit he won’t be able to quit.

Barry A.A. Dillinger

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Nathaniel Baker

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Nathaniel Baker

LOVE IT!!!!!!

Mike W. Rogers

Thank you, Nathaniel! I have sixteen concept episodes I can't wait to have a reason to write out.

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