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By Nick Assunto - Stage 32 Script Services Coordinator

GENRE: Comedy

A young Mel Brooks attempts to mount a Hamlet musical on Broadway but risks ruining his career, and his budding romance with a young Anne Bancroft, in his struggle to find his voice as an artist. 


Based completely on nothing true at all, but a love letter to the works of Mel Brooks. It's 1958 in New York City. Mel Brooks has just finished writing on SID CAESER INVITES YOU and is unsure of what to do next in his career. In a state of impulse, he puts all of his money into his love of Broadway and decides, without so much as a lyric, to mount a musical version of Hamlet. Launching into this headfirst, unsure if he's afraid of his own future success or worried he isn't the artist he wants to be, he manages to scrounge together a cast of newbies, among them a young Anne Bancroft who's in the process of trying to change her image into something a little more mature for the film industry. Falling in love with Anne at first site, Mel struggles to keep himself together and not let the pressure of this ridiculous situation ruin everything he's worked for so far, ruin his chances with Anne, or lampoon the careers of his cast before they even get a decent shot. Eventually finding his way, Mel connects with the cast and forms the bonds of friendship and collaboration that will last him the rest of his career, puts on one Hell of a tremendously funny flop, and gains the inspiration for his first feature film: THE PRODUCERS.

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